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Dreamnation Episode 206 – Rock Thomas: Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life

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Whether we admit it or not, for us to be successful and live our lives by our design, we don’t just need talent and skills – we also need money. Money is an integral factor to success and achieving goals. That doesn’t mean only the rich people get successful, but it only means you should work out your finances to your benefit.

This is why we want you to listen to this episode’s podcast with Rock Thomas of Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life. In this episode, we’ll help you make the choices using how much money you have to better work on yourself.

Rock is the founder of M1 Mastermind and has helped people attain millionaire status and helped them become financially independent. He is a motivational speaker who has impacted the lives of so many with his viral Goalcast video “How to Change the Way You See Yourself”

Here’s what you missed:

Stop resisting to perform in private

  • “I’ve learned that in life. If you don’t rock your money, then it’s really hard to rock your life. ” (01:01)
  • “I tell people that when you pay the price of practice in private, you perform in public like a pro.” (02:08)
  • “So I help people materialize the things that they want in their life, wherever they are in that process…you might as well win the money game. So that you have those choices I talked about before, and then you can do whatever you want. ” (03:33)
  • “… life just keeps on getting better. When you start to look at those little things and dial in and stop resisting what most people are resisting, which is to perform in private.” (08:44)

Become the victor

  • “So when you are subject to adversity, I say that in life, if you do it as difficult…. It requires courage, but when you do it, you get to expand your identity.” (06:23)
  • “…everybody plays the victim card. And then when you play the victim card, what you do is you give up your power to the outside circumstances.” (07:37)

Talent pushes

  • “…how you do anything is how you do everything.” (09:45)
  • “Who benefits, who becomes a better person for their next job, the guy who’s, didn’t give it meaning and mediocre or the guy who made a game up and decided to give it meaning and to serve.” (11:20)
  • “…whatever you’re doing, do it with passion, do it like it’s the most important job do it like you can make a difference” (11:46)
  • “Like be bold, be bold and serve, be bold and serve. And you’ll be amazed. The world lacks so much talent world is screaming for talent. And talent to me is talent pushes non talent doesn’t push.” (14:27)

Energy comes from vision

  • “…people don’t think about the, the aura that you really bring into a room when you do that.” (12:18)
  • “…you visualize it and they’re about to come onto your show. You become alive. Energy is produced. It’s an inside job…” (16:42)
  • “You don’t need any fuel. You need a vision that you’re fricking connected to. And that’s where energy comes from.” (17:07)
  • “This is if you don’t know your vision or right now, you don’t feel like you have a vision, surround yourself with other people who do and borrow theirs until you get your own.” (17:42)

Keep on chasing

  • “I want to be around badasses and I got fired up and I got inspired and I started to chase and chase and chase. It took me four years, but I became the number one agent in that office. And then I bought the company and I took it from 300,000,094 agents to 275 agents.” (19:24)
  • “but one thing for sure. Is they push, they push for their own greatness and the greatness of people around you.” (20:27)

Talent needs to be challenged

  • “…talent loves to be challenged…People that are, that are struggling often can’t handle the adversity.” (20:49)
  • “…a tree that grows in beautiful soil and flourishes it’s because it has rich soil called support. It has the sun called encouragement and it has the wind called challenge.” (20:59)
  • “… if I come from my model of the world and only challenged somebody who grew up with a ton of encouragement and support, they’re going to wilt like a flower. I got to give them the right amount of challenge. But I also have to give them the right amount of encouragement and support. ” (22:28)

Create a new unfamiliar territory

  • “So isn’t it fascinating that your past can predict how you are motivated? And if you lack the adversity, a lot of adversity may take that person out. ” (23:15)
  • “A lot of people, they aren’t willing to adapt to whatever the changes” (23:39)
  • ” tactics change with technology.” (25:38)
  • “And so most people are not aware that those two principles, the laws of behavior don’t change.” (25:59)
  • “… instead of becoming unfamiliar, right. Going to the unfamiliar. Your past will become your future unless you create new unfamiliar territory.” (26:44)

The cash flow quadrants

  • “… you were taught to save money, to spend money.” (31:04)
  • ” So I take people through how to win the money game is Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrants. And for those people that don’t know it is there’s four of them. One is you’re an employee and one is you’re self-employed that’s on the left side, 94, 95% of the population. It’s a skill set to be on that site, a certain skillset. Then, then the other side is business person investor, which is about 5% of the population.” (32:36)
  • “And so if you want financial freedom, you have to walk through that process of where you at in each of the four quadrants.” (36:02)

Teach with experience

  • “And so now I teach people the four different quadrants, how to build an identity, what to do, what not to do. And you can’t teach what you haven’t experienced.” (37:10)
  • “That’s not the voice that’s working for me right now. If there was somebody on the side who had run that race, they would know what to say.” (37:52)
  • “So if you want to coach your teach, teach and coach what you’ve experienced, what you have emotional experience on, and then the person will get that you get them. And there’s nothing like that. ” (38:18)

Hiring for your weaknesses

  • “So I’m a big picture, high D go hard, go quick. Uh, don’t like to details… you surround yourself with people that can do what you can’t do.” (39:13)
  • “… find out who you are and delegate to your weaknesses.” (42:16)

People try to be the lone wolf

  • “I was all about being, um, alone, because I was afraid to admit that I didn’t know” (43:31)
  • “… we don’t apologize for being awesome. This means that you actually get to celebrate your greatness without somebody shaming you or making you feel bad because you’re there, they’re not playing full out and you also get to ask for help. And that’s really difficult for most people.” (44:02)

Say yes and figure it out later

  • “Too many people hesitate, waiting to learn the how, and they give up on the opportunity.” (47:30)
  • “It doesn’t matter what you’re going through. You’re going to have a voice that says, you know, do I deserve to be in this room? Um, am I smart enough? Am I good enough? That’s just your ego. That’s just fear-based thinking… say yes to things that are bigger than you. And then you’re forced to grow.” (47:56)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “…when we all grew up were given labels, they’re suggestions from other people, and they are many times not designed to empower us, but more to control us or disempower us. ” – Rock, (05:06)
  • “Everything was an opportunity for you to create a new neuro connection of possibility… How can you enjoy the moment?” – Rock, (07:56)
  • “Pay attention. Be aware, add value, push, bring your energy. Show up. Be playful. Serve the world will respond to that because it’s desperately looking for people like that.” – Rock, (14:49)
  • “if an entrepreneur needs encouragement, they shouldn’t be an entrepreneur.” – Elon Musk, (15:50)
  • “This is if you don’t know your vision or right now, you don’t feel like you have a vision, surround yourself with other people who do and borrow theirs until you get your own” – Casanova, (18:21)
  • ” You can do whatever you want. You can bring your energy, your love, your playfulness, and you would at least have a connection. Maybe you would fail miserably. But, you’d never freaking forget it. ” – Rock, (28:11)
  • “the two most important days in your life is when you’re born and when you figure out why?” – Mark Twain, (41:06)
  • ” So the money game is complex and if you’re going it alone and you’re making decisions like I did listening to your broke friends, it’s going to be a long path.” – Rock, (45:20)
  • ” You’re smarter than you think you’re more capable than you then, you know, you’re stronger. Just put yourself on the field and have some fun. Get in the game.” – Rock, (50:13)

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