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Dreamnation Episode 205 – Casanova Brooks: Find Your Drive to Succeed

We’re all made to be great, but it’s just about who taps into their potential. So if you’re pursuing success, you should determine what fuels you or what will be your driving force to continue your journey. You must be able to discover your potential and lay the groundwork for a solid foundation. This foundation, however, will crumble down if you’re not sure of your choices and who you are doing this effort.

If you want to find out how to figure out your driving force to success, then listen to Casanova as he speaks about how to find your drive to succeed in his interview with Frank Mengert of 5 Questions with Frank Podcast.

Quotes from the host and guest:

  • ” So you have to be willing to bet on yourself” – Casanova, (05:38)
  • ” And the best thing about it is we’re not animals. We’re not trees. We have a mind of our own, or we can formulate our own decision. And make sure that it’s a calculated one that works for us because the reality of it is no situation or no investment or no Avenue works a hundred percent for every single person.” – Casanova, (08:06)
  • “Think about how gifted that you’ve been so far to make the decisions that’s helped you to get to where you are today…you made a choice that so many people are not even able to make, right. You’re making the choice to better yourself. So keep going off of your own intuition and keep getting more exposure to things that can help you to level up.” – Casanova, (08:43)





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