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Dreamnation Episode 201 – Casanova Brooks: The Power of Relationships

Here in DreamNation, we’ve always been very consistent in emphasizing the power of relationships. Regardless of which industry or business you are in, you can’t be successful if you did not build the right relationship. We can’t stress enough its importance that is why for this episode, listen to Casanova as he shares his experience of having a powerful relationship in a podcast interview with Leigh Brown of Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate Podcast.

Quotes and advice from the host and speaker:

    • “And we forget that, look, this still right here, you could lose on. But at the end of the day, it’s about that network. It’s about so many other tangible benefits that you’ll get out of this.” – Casanova, (08:36)
    • “And so the way that you do that is really just by understanding that in this game, It’s a contact sport. It’s all about the relationships. And if you build off of that, I think that you’ll be successful as anybody in your market or anybody around the country, but it’s all about the relationships and the people.” – Casanova, (09:08)
    • “…y’all need to pay attention to the fact that this one was not about the money.” – Leigh, (13:05)

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