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DreamNation Episode 194 – Sadiq Hussain: Relationship Building 101

When you achieved a goal or an objective, do you look back to how your journey has been? Do you still remember the people you’ve met along the way? Maybe a reason why while everybody has a story towards success, not everyone makes it to the end is that they failed to build the right relationships to support their journey. Or the success they achieve is short-lived because they don’t remember the people they’ve met along the way. 

Success is not just accomplishing your main objective. It is also a way for you to build meaningful relationships. There’s no message, skill, talent to share if there’s no one to share it. If you think you’re not good at building relationships, then listen to our very own Casanova as he speaks at Sadiq Hussain’s podcast, The Purposeful Mindset.

Besides being the host of this podcast, Sadiq has dedicated his life to personal growth, becoming a bolder version of himself and pushed his mind to constantly take action towards his dream of serving and inspiring others.      

Here’s what you missed:

The opportunity of exposure

  • “…but my dad never did anything to bridge the gap for us. So I didn’t really have a relationship with any of them growing up. ” (02:46)
  • “You know, they drowned, but of course I do know that I didn’t go and I would have been right there with them… So that was kind of the first time that I noticed that, wow, I, I, somehow I escaped what could have been my demise.” (04:09)
  • “And I was fortunate enough in that, that I never really got caught up in it, even though it was at my face every single day.” (04:46)
  • “Hey, just try to keep cas away from this as much as possible.” (05:01)
  • “We go, we can do that for a weekend. We come back. Next thing I know, less than two months later, all of my stuff is being packed and we’re going, packed into a U haul van and we’re moving to Sioux city, Iowa…And I come from the big city of Chicago where nobody looked like me or everybody looked like me” (05:50)
  • “…it gave me the opportunity of exposure. That meant that I had to be able to figure out how to build relationships to other people who did not look like me and who didn’t have the same mindset as me and didn’t have the same upbringing as me.” (06:18)

Resilience and perseverance mindset for Relationship Building

  • “So it’s all throughout my body lymphoma cancer. And the doctors had told my parents that if I would’ve waited just two more weeks… So all these different things that as a 15 year old boy, it’s it’s life-changing” (09:05)
  • “But that was probably the most trying time in my life and keep in mind that I had no degree. Um, I lost my biggest supporter and my mom and our only home that we had under contract at that time we were looking to buy, and then that was gone too. So I had to figure it out.” (10:22)
  • ” And just that perseverance, that, that mindset that you had of, I don’t care what happens in my life. I’m just going to keep going.” (11:04)

Get the pedal moving

  • “… what was huge for me to keep going with to understand that I had three other people who were depending on me.” (12:02)
  • “I was not going to go through it again because it was so not only physically draining, but immensely draining on me.” (12:33)
  • “I knew that the one thing that I could control still about my life was my own effort.” (13:17)
  • “And I knew that quitting was never an option. So I had to man up, I had to just get some things in motion.” (13:56)

Opportunity to keep going

  • “…understanding that I had to keep going is because I’ve been given the greatest opportunity in life. And that’s the opportunity to keep going, because it could have been over for me three times already.” (16:22)
  • “…we have the greatest opportunity in this world and it’s the opportunity to keep going.” (17:14)

You were created for a purpose

  • “I think so many people nowadays are struggling. To just be honest, like just to be open, just to accept themselves.” (18:09)
  • “… I think every single person listening should do is just accept who you are. Just accept how you are, who you are for who you are.” (18:24)
  • “You were created for a purpose, whatever this purpose is” (19:16)

Identifying your gift

  • “…if I didn’t come from a wealthy family, that a wealthy family must come from me. ” (21:14)
  • “So if that’s what you aspire to have if you aspire to read, you know, a hundred books in a year, I guarantee if you talk to someone, who’s read a hundred books in a year and they can tell you what their formula looks like you’ll be on that journey for you to be able to do it.” (23:21)
  • ” So figure out what is your gift? What are people already saying? Wow. And thank you for in the same sentence. And if you could figure out how to do that, more of that, you can add value to someone else.” (26:32)

Focusing on a specific passion 

  • “I truly believe that we all do have more than like more than one thing that we, that we love by always tell people to focus on no more than two things at one time.” (27:39)
  • “If you’re trying to do too many things…prioritize your life around the two things that are the most important to you right now.” (28:02)

How to build meaningful relationships

  • “I’ve just learned to gain trust from people because I don’t expect anything in return.” (28:55)
  • “So they kind of feel like they want to help you. Not because they have to just because they want to” (29:13)
  • “And so understand what is your strength. And if you can build a team, if you can leverage those people around you, I think that allows you to go even further, faster, because that’s where people struggle.” (31:50)
  • “So if you have multiple passions, if you want to talk about multiple different things, you have to prioritize first. But even still build a team around this one thing first, and then, and maybe you have two teams or maybe those people, but now you’re leveraging, you would rather get 1% of a hundred people… So the power is always in leveraging and building teams” (33:21)
  • “…you have to be able to help someone else and you have to be able to create success for that person.” (34:30)

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Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY)

  • “…don’t ask people, what do they do? Ask them, what are they passionate about?” (35:10)
  • “I have to find some way to connect with you. ” (36:37)
  • “So if you ask them questions that are more, you know, stimulating them and showing interest in them, because everyone likes to talk about themselves. The first person to speak loses.” (37:42)
  • “…because if I go into talking about me, who knows where that might go and I never uncover what their pain points are, what their passions are” (38:20)
  • “. So now you’ve built great conversation through this one-hour networking or however else now here’s what you do on the backend.” (38:51)

Sense of Belonging

  • “…understanding that you have to meet people where they are and when you meet people where they are, we all want to feel a sense of belonging. We all want to feel a sense of community.” (42:40)
  • ” Sometimes we just, don’t try to find ways to connect with other people. But when you do that, it’s so powerful.” (42:58)
  • “I’ve just been networking and going to events and. Just meeting as many people as I can” (43:28)

Meeting people where they are

  • “And that’s what those connections that I’ve had now, the meaningful, genuine relationships I connect. I never take anything from people. I just want to be the giver and ask once to, for them to share something.” (44:39)
  • ” The more that you can help someone else, the more that you’ll have long, less than lasting success…Being a friend, trying to meet people where they are.” (44:54)
  • “you got to understand that your journey, people are going to come into your life for, in different seasons for different reasons, but you have to stay committed to your destination.” (51:27)

Four questions

  • “If I’m making the excuse, I’m passing up on an opportunity. ” (45:53)
  • “…opportunity, you’re either going to be the person that capitalizes on it. Right. Or you’re going to be the person who sees it go by, but we’re hard work. Meets opportunity. It looks a lot like luck. ” (47:27)
  • “you got to dream don’t you ever let anybody tell you, you can’t complete your dream.” (48:42)
  • ” he has a lot of great things, right? The power of ambition, all these other ones, but I felt like be able to get that ultimate library and he has so many things.” (50:02)
  • “…you got to understand that your journey, people are going to come into your life for, in different seasons for different reasons, but you have to stay committed to your destination.” (51:27)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

    • “…you have to get the pedals moving, because the more that you just think about it, you’re never going to be able to get to where you want to be.” – Casanova (14:14)
    • “I just choose to go so hard every day and I choose to make sure that I can live, you know, a life by my designer or at least try to live a life by my design.” – Casanova, (17:49)
    • “But now I have a family who depends on me, who wants my time, who wants to get their inspiration and their smiles for me. And who looks for me to give them guidance.” – Casanova, (20:34)
    • “So find somebody that’s just a step or two ahead of you on your journey, connect with that person and try to add value to that person and try to be able to extract as much value as you can from that person” – Casanova, (24:24)
    • ” So understand that there is a place for you and there’s a purpose for you, but first I’ll figure out what your gift is, and then try to move more in that direction. ” – Casanova, (27:09)
    • “I think the first thing is understanding that the power is in helping someone else” – Casanova, (34:13)
    • ” First, you have to go in with the intent of being very aware… the way that you’re going to be able to really create long lasting success is by being as helpful to as many other people as you can in this world.” – Casanova, (40:51)
    • “Nobody in your life listens to something that you want to say. And when you have an opportunity to talk, you talk until the cows come home.” – Sadiq (42:06)
    • “for things to change, you have to change things to get better. You have to get better.” – Sadiq, (52:21)

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