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DreamNation Episode 190 – Ravi Abuvala: Breaking Barriers in Facebook Advertising

Using Facebook as an advertising tool may be a popular marketing option for starting entrepreneurs or newbie marketers. It’s already a given option that an entrepreneur should explore. But the success of Facebook advertising is dependent on your goals, objectives, techniques, and if you have a working system in place. How do you set up your lead generation Facebook campaigns the most optimized way if you’re in an industry where you need to collect as many leads as you can?

Listen to our guest for this episode, Ravi Abuvala, and find out how you can create Facebook ads, a scalable system, and get leads that convert.

Ravi is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and speaker who developed Scaling with Systems, a high ticket lead generation and scalability roadmap, and skilled virtual assistant outsourcing system for businesses.

Here’s what you missed:

Shifting Dreams

  • “I was going to law school that was like the plan. My entire life was to be a lawyer. It was not anything to do with real estate.” (01:36)
  • “…I was getting ready to study for law school. My dad was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.” (01:47)
  • “I don’t know if this is actually what I want to do. I kind of was realizing that you know, like, I mean, I’m in this chemo and radiation unit with people that are 30 years old that had like put off their dreams until then…” (02:30)
  • “I just felt like life is fleeting. And so I just made the decision right then and there instead of jumping into law school…I was going to go into business for myself…And so I kind of realized that was a way to get true, like, ownership of yourself.” (02:58)
  • “And so I pretty much started servicing a bunch of different people, but then we eventually found our niche inside of real estate.” (03:41)

Be the market leader

  • “I was definitely unprepared as you can say, but as you know, when are you ever really prepared?” (04:40)
  • “I actually would just pay people who were already doing things inside that industry to teach me what they were doing, or I would go and kind of research what my competitors were doing” (04:54)
  • “…we were one of the first advertising agencies to offer an inner service agent included with lead generation.”(05:20)

Breaking through the No answer

  • “…one of the things that we did to really separate us and like grow… bringing an in-house qualification center that would call these leads.” (05:56)
  • “So a big opportunity for them to say no every single time” (06:40)

Developing systems that are scalable

  • “One of the things I talked about inside of there is like when you’re entering a really saturated market, One of the ways you can defer yourself is through a mechanism” (07:13)
  • “I told you earlier on larger companies that are buying hundreds of thousands of these leads every year, well, month from us. And then they, they resell them too.” (08:52)

Making the mechanisms work

  • “And then I went out to the beach with my friends and one of my friends was like, you really let yourself go. And that was the first time I looked at myself in the mirror and I realized like, I had gained 40 pounds trying to build this business and do everything all day, every single day by myself” (10:19)
  • “But for me, I started realizing, okay, there’s things I need to do inside of here that need to be done, but I don’t have to necessarily do it.” (10:56)
  • “And anything that wasn’t following that system wasn’t actually worth doing because it wasn’t really delivering results. ” (11:49)
  • “I was literally coming to the end of what I could do by myself and I was about to quit and I was like, all right, either I quit or I figure out how to remove myself from my company.” (12:39)

Ways to generate leads

  • “…that’s when you use paid ads. But for me, I didn’t have a lot of money. And so I just wanted to put in the grit and the hustle.” (14:37)
  • “Then I just took all these little things and then I crafted video content and ads that covered all those pain points and desires.” (14:59)
  • “I did it manually to start. But at some point, it makes sense to kind of, once you have something working to just like, get as many eyeballs on that messaging as possible and paid ads is a great way to do that.” (15:15)

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Work on the backend system

  • “It started to really create valuable pieces of content that you can direct your potential leads or home buyers or home sellers to…but it does help if you have a few core foundational pieces that are like, People can look up to and learn something from, they actually get value from.” (19:57)
  • “So you guys should do the same thing inside your business. Like, how can I create” (20:54)
  • “And so you create that core foundational content. And then we just try to get as many eyeballs to that content as possible.” (21:54)

Options to learning Facebook Ads

  • “So then we have that piece of content that we know that converts, like I told you earlier, just doing free methods, like posting it online or sending it to some friends and family.” (22:53)
  • “And the easiest way is really paid advertising because the alternative to that is like growing a following online…And I still think people should do that. It just takes so much time.” (23:17)
  • “And then we have our ISA person managing that Facebook messenger or your phone or whatever else these leads are coming into and they’re filtering through.” (23:48)
  • “It’s going to work where the break will be is if you’re getting these leads and you’re not doing enough touch points with them, you’re not being personalized. You’re not following up with them.”(25:43)
  • “And so once you have that in place, then you shoot the content and then the, the traffic source of the content, you have a few options of learning it. Number one, you can pay somebody like myself who teaches people to do it. Number two, you can pay somebody else to do it for you.” (26:36)

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself

  • “… it’s not being afraid to invest back into myself and my business.” (29:41)
  • ” It’s just the way that we’re conditioned I think is to, like, we’re not, we’re too afraid to bet on ourselves. (30:59)
  • “So I think it’s being willing to invest back in yourself and your business. And then at the same time, not being afraid to test things out, ” (31:51)

How do you face so much adversity?

  • “I think I would probably say Winston Churchill… he was the only person that pretty much thought that the allies would win world war II.” (32:36)
  • “I like asking open-ended questions, kind of like what we did in this podcast here. Cause I don’t want to get like a yes or no question, especially if you only have one chance to talk someone that’s dead. How are you able in the face of so much adversity to have almost to the point of ignorance” (33:00)

Go out there and do it

  • “…everything becomes easier in life when you realize that everything around you was built by somebody not much smarter than yourself.” (35:02)
  • “…you can just go out and do it and then just like, actually see what happens. You almost always, if you have the right mindset, learn something from it.” (36:28)
  • “don’t be afraid to actually go out there and just do something” (36:49)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “…action leads to insight more often than insight leads to action.” – Ravi, (04:47)
  • “That’s the importance of building systems that there. So you can save and conserve your energy for the most high-revenue generating tasks.” – Ravi, (13:34)
  • “I had to prove the mechanisms worked right. If I just went out there and I said the same thing as everybody else did on an ad, and I’d sent the same training and everything was the exact same, then it probably wouldn’t work.”, – Ravi, (14:10)
  • “if you don’t have a lot of money, you got a lot of time” – Ravi (14:29)
  • “I think that paid advertising is probably one of the most valuable things you can learn as a business owner.” – Ravi, (26:57)
  • “…when people have a lot of success, there’s somebody that’s always inspired them.” – Casanova, (33:44)

Ravi Abuvala: Breaking Barriers in Facebook Advertising

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