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DreamNation Episode 185 – Nick Jankel: Change Your Inspiration Into Action

As we have always said, if you don’t take action, your dream will just be merely a fantasy. But sometimes there are barriers that prevent you from achieving this. When you’re not sure of yourself, when you feel like you are unworthy, when you’re troubled by your past; what are the things do you need to do to turn your inspiration into action?

Let our guest for this episode, Nick Jankel help you transform and thrive from your current situation.

Nick Jankel is an award-winning author and thought leader who helps individuals take the pain out of transformation, blast through the barriers that block creativity and innovation, and unleash conscious changes in leadership and life that bring less suffering and more thriving into the spaces they touch.

Here’s what you missed:

The capacity to grow

  • “The most important thing in the world is finding out who you are and fulfilling your potential to be a human being in this world. And anything other than that is not as important.” (04:48)
  • “but that’s kind of like the stories like personal suffering, but also professional interest in this thing called change, personal growth development evolution, whatever you want to call it, the capacity we all have just by being human to grow, to change, to evolve, to mature…” (05:06)
  • “I was 29 30 and actually I built a business. So I was materially successful people thought I was successful by looking at me. But inside I was still hurting so much…we all hurt until we learn to take care of ourselves.” (06:53)

You are enough

  • ” And I’ve realized I hadn’t spent 10,000 hours understanding this thing here, this person, this body-mind flesh consciousness.
  • And so I went, made a choice” (07:57)
  • “It’s like set to something bigger than me and to my heart, nothing really worked until I really allowed that to occur.” (08:36)

Take care of yourself

  • “And so I had to take a sabbatical. I had to take some time off because I was broken. I wasn’t useful to anyone.” (09:42)
  • ” I just need to know who I am. I need to know what this is all about. And I’m going to open up to any form of knowledge.” (10:14)
  • “I’ll do all of it because I want to understand this guy and then I can choose where I want it…but outside of that, nothing is more important” (10:46)
  • “I mean like real self-care, self-love, to find out what you need to nourish your heart, mind, and body. ” (11:27)

The framework for self-care

  • “…but the steps less important once you’ve learned how to do the steps.” (12:00)
  • “…you can already see step one is awareness and actually taking the time to step back and go fearlessly, where are things not a match?” (13:08)
  • “Ownership is not taking the blame. It’s just owning your response to this situation.” (14:53)
  • “So awareness and ownership sort of slide into each other…one of the great rules of transformation is we think change is about getting the new thing…But actually change is about letting go of the old thing.” (15:28)
  • “Awareness and ownership, and then acknowledging the protective role that the thing you want to change is protecting you from.” (18:01)
  • “And then step four, is this experience of release. Where you no longer need that protective pattern…” (18:44)
  • ” Step five, the new idea…as soon as we released the old…the newness just rushes in…” (21:32)

A protective pattern

  • “The thing that stops, that is the old thing. And we call it a protective pattern in our work.” (16:01)
  • “So the pattern is protective because at some point it served you to keep you safe, to help you cope to help you deal.” (16:52)
  • “…that protectiveness, if you, by understanding its protection so much opens up and there are other steps, but that’s like the sort of the start point is ownership. ” (17:50)

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Hyper-vigilance on trauma

  • “And you have to figure out what that trauma is that you experienced” (23:05)
  • “So the safety comes from. I believe feeling like you’re not into little individual alone in a scary world where everyone’s trying to eat you basically.” (23:54)
  • “…trauma is a sense of lack of safety that sticks around” (24:54)
  • “You don’t feel held by the community or society as a whole. So we all have to engage with this T-word, but trauma word, but there is a kind of secret sauce, which is that sense of safety.” (25:20)

The first path to figuring out your purpose

  • “The purpose is a doing, not a thing you achieve. It’s a way of being in the world that serves the world. But also serves you fulfills you, it gives you meaning and reward in a sense of accomplishment, autonomy mastery, but you don’t just like finish it. It’s not a job that gets finished.” (27:49)
  • ” I don’t necessarily think it’s like a, a moment where you get this clear light and a calling comes to you and it’s all answered. I think it’s like an ongoing discovery process. And what you’re trying to find is what is the bridge. Between my talents and that’s important, something you’re good at already my skills.” (28:34)
  • “Where’s the bridge between my skills and talents. And hopefully I like enjoy doing it too. That’s like a bonus. And then what the world needs…” (29:13)
  • “You can’t quantify purpose, you can quantify goals and money and stuff.” (31:12)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “…we all hurt until we learn to take care of ourselves.” – Nick, (07:07)
  • “because all that transformation is if we try and strip out at all, is it is the letting go of one way of thinking and behaving that is no longer working for you and the embracing of the one that works better for you.” – Nick, (12:20)
  • “I never found any way of creating that safety that is stronger or better, or even functional than the experience that you might call spiritual love or cosmic love or oneness or connection or interconnection or into being.” – Nick, (20:47)
  • “The difficult bit of transformation is not helping people have the new ideas that are gonna make their life awesome… the difficult bit is getting them to a point where that dreamness within… The network for dreaming will kick in as soon as the network for protection and control is off.” – Nick, (22:13)
  • “… it’s the liquid feeling of safety of love that I believe is inherent in healing.” – Nick, (26:15)
  • “…you can’t judge my purpose with your purpose.” – Nick, (30:45)
  • “If you have that voice, your wiser self, and say, thank you for that judgment, that criticism, that doubt. I know you’re trying to protect me and I’m safe enough to take the risk myself now.”  – Nick, (35:55)
  • “Take action on your dreams. Let the inner voice know that you are safe” Casanova, (37:17)

Nick Jankel: Change Your Inspiration Into Action

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