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DreamNation Episode 162 – Best Of 2020: A Selection Of Clips From The Best Of Our Show

This year, 2020, was full of surprises and negativity. A lot of people said that they just simply hate the this year mainly because of the pandemic. How about you? Looking back to all the things that happened this year, how would you describe your 2020? Was it more on the good side? Bad side? Of course, each of us is standing on different situations than other people. But the most important part is how we look for the good things that happened. And that, my friend, is what this podcast is all about.

This episode will help us find the good side of things and focus on them instead of being stressed out from the negativity. Our podcast guests Ryan Bullock, John Lee Dumas, Billy Gene, Chris Guillebeau, Tiffany Aliche, Jason Van Orden, Rhonda Britten, Steve Sims, Genesis Dorsey, Chalene Johnson, Jack Canfield, Sherry Peel Jackson, Allyson Bird, Patrick Bet David, Pat Flynn, Dean Graziosi, Mike Michalowicz, Jon Gordon, Marshawn Evans Daniels, George Pitts, Britney Jeanine, and Sarah Fontenot will share to us their tips on how they were able to get by amidst the pandemic, and that you can do it, too.


Ryan Bullock

Here’s what you missed:

  • Why you should write a detailed vision
  • Know how the day would lead you

(0:23) The number one thing and something that you have to do constantly is writing a vision.

(0:42) Start with the end in mind

(1:09) You have to determine your day. You have to determine your month. You have to determine your year. You have to determine the next five years.

(1:35) The best way to maximize today is by declaring my tomorrow.

(2:39) If you don’t take time to build your own legacy, you will spend the rest of your life building someone else’s.


John Lee Dumas

Here’s what you missed:

  • The importance of knowing your biggest obstacle in life
  • Have a mentor to guide you as you pursue your career


(3:40) The most important thing is that you need to surround yourself with the right people.

(4:20) At the end of the day, I still struggle with these mindset challenges because I’m a human being and it’s never going to end. That’s why I encourage people to surround themselves with other people who have the right mindsets.

(7:07) When I made that shift, everything changed because my energy got better. My sense of accomplishment got better.


Billy Gene

Here’s what you missed:

  • The importance of having a team to grow and have a sustainable business
  • If a work requires a lot of tasks, you should hire more people
  • Why you should not lack clarity


(8:03) What you have to do is you have to design your life before you design your business.

(12:15) Your business should be so simple. You can say it in one sentence and if not, you need to rework it now.

(13:10) The more variables, the more complications, the more time it requires.


Chris Gillebeau

Here’s what you missed:

  • The essence of having a mentor to help and challenge your mindset
  • Tips for self-discipline

(15:03) Self-reliance

(16:18) Even though we know better, we don’t do better.

(16:47) The first tip for discipline: To be productive and disciplined is to be doing something that you actually want to do

(17:13) Second tip: Once you start building a habit, however long after, it becomes easier to keep it going than it is to break it.


Tiffany Aliche

Here’s what you missed:

  • Learning things on your own
  • Setting goals
  • You can start from scratch and build an empire


(21:01) If I’m teaching in a classroom, I have to learn how to teach what the general public could understand.

(24:34) I wish somebody would come on and get me and see how talented I am.

(29:18) You’re not meant to have all the resources.


Jason Van Orden

Here’s what you missed:

  • Tips on how to start for newbies
  • Who are you? Who do you want to serve and how are you going to serve them?
  • Should you go after your passion or your profit?


(32:01) A Venn diagram of two circles really helps us hone in on the positioning of the business and positioning as a marketing and branding team.

(34:08) What are we as entrepreneurs, if we can’t create value and sell it? So let’s make that happen as soon as possible.


Rhonda Britten

Here’s what you missed:

  • The secrets that you hide or the stories you must tell
  • All about losing and making money
  • A message for people to take action

(37:03) There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just fears.

(37:38) A lot of people have a dream. They’re not acting on it and they have to forgive themselves.

(38:35) You are willing to break the family chain in order to set your own path.

(39:58) Is fear going to run your life or are you going to run your life?


Steve Sims

Here’s what you missed:

  • Where our success comes from
  • Never take your word back

(40:54) Our greatest success and growth comes from our greatest failures and ruins

(42:30) You’ve just learned how to price. Everything that you fail at is education on what not to do.


Genesis Dorsey

Here’s what you missed:

  • How to get your first client
  • Talk as if you are transformational

(43:56) When we talk about value proposition, you have to be very clear on what you’re doing and who you’re for.

(45:17) You should sound like you’re the expert.

(46:15) You have to get over the fear of talking to people. Otherwise, your money is going to be just as shy as you are.


Chalene Johnson

Here’s what you missed:

  • You had to be tested so you could show up with your testimonial.
  • Are you fulfilled in life?
  • Gain peace while acquiring the things you want
  • What to do when you face challenges along the way


(47:49) Joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for a little bit of pain

(50:49) You can have the big house and the cars and all the things but feel like you are in a golden prison, and that you’ve created your own hell.

(52:03) I’m okay with doing things slower. I’m okay with recognizing the importance of seasons.

(55:56) God is always holding you in his hands.


Jack Canfield

Here’s what you missed:

  • Having a target market that you can speak to

(56:39) Something else you learn from something else; you put them together and something new emerges.

(59:27) If you will be authentically you, you’re going to attract the people that are attracted to your vibe, to your energy, to what you have to teach, to your wisdom.


Sheryl Peel Jackson

Here’s what you missed:

  • How to emerge after hitting rock bottom
  • Know what you are passionate about
  • Gather your resources to start your business

(1:01:06) You gotta give up something to get what you want.

(1:02:23) It’s easy to do when you create something one time and then you sell it to millions of people.


Allyson Bird

Here’s what you missed:

  • Being aware of your moment of arrival
  • Knowing your bright lights, the place where you are meant to be


(1:07:43) Don’t ask me about my successes, ask me about my failures, and then you’ll really know my life. You’ll really know who I am.

(1:08:46) I realized that you shouldn’t subject yourself to places where you’re tolerated and not celebrated.

(1:11:34) The awareness and those arrival moments come all the time.


Patrick Bet David

Here’s what you missed:

  • If you want to make it big in your niche, you gotta be consistent
  • What is your gift?
  • Tips on using your gift to start building your business

(1:13:04) if you decide to build a brand from the one-night-stand perspective of let me get a viral video to help me become a celebrity, it’s not going to work for you.

(1:13:45) There’s one of three gifts that we all have. You’re either a great writer, great with audio, or you’re great on camera, but you’re going to be good at one of these three things.



Pat Flynn

Here’s what you missed:

  • Getting past the solopreneur level and its struggles
  • Importance of leadership
  • How leadership is not always being at the top of the mountain

(1:16:59) You need to be a leader to yourself.

(1:17:27) How can you lead others if you don’t first lead yourself?

(1:18:35) Part of being a great leader in my opinion, is to not always consider it as though you’re at the top of the mountain and talking down and just telling people what to do


Dean Graziosi

Here’s what you missed:

  • Tips on how to teach
  • Importance of marketing
  • The three S’s: struggles, search for answer, solution

(1:21:31) You want to attract who you want and repel those you don’t. You want to attract people that would want exactly what it is.


Mike Michalowicz

Here’s what you missed:

  • Analyzing ourselves as our starting point
  • Urging newbies to hire a personal assistant
  • Delegate and excel

(1:23:52) We gotta start cutting away, allowing you to focus on your true talents, which may be selling or maybe delivering the service.

(1:24:08) My businesses don’t need me. They run without me. They grow without me. And when you get to that point, then as a business owner, you have the right to reinsert yourself in the business in ways that just give you joy.


Jon Gordon

Here’s what you missed:

  • Getting through personal problems and struggles
  • Know your why you’ll know the way.

(1:30:30) I know I’m here for a reason.

(1:32:36) We don’t get burnt out because of what we do. We get burnt out because we forget why we do it.

(1:38:40) For an entrepreneur, it’s not about an overnight success.


Marshawn Evans Daniels

Here’s what you missed:

  • Listening to the voices inside you
  • Which voice do you listen to?

(1:39:29) Little voice: the voice of fear and doubt and hesitation. The whisper: the little inner critic in our head and hater in our head that says, ‘Who do you think you are? You’re not good enough. You can’t do this.’

(1:40:21) Future voice: Future me knows us even better than a little me. Future me is not intimidated by little me. In fact, future me eats little me and swallows it like a vitamin for breakfast and only gets stronger.

(1:41:51) We’re not out of time because he created your time.

(1:42:21) It’s only God who can make what God has already made.


George Pitts

Here’s what you missed:

  • Getting people to build their website

(1:52:17) I’m gonna find a way. And then I’m going to get there and I’m going to just pitch my services.


Britney Jeanine

Here’s what you missed:

  • Tap into yourself by asking how you are different from other people
  • Finding the gap in other businesses
  • Going for a mega pivot in life

(1:53:56) I’m here for a reason and there’s no other Brittany Janine on planet earth.

(1:57:11) You gotta back up and you gotta roadmap your way forward before you get to branding.



Sarah Fontenot

Here’s what you missed:

  • Staying on your purpose and identity space.
  • What is the identity that you are standing for?


(1:59:06) So I started to realize that there are actual tools that I use in order to overcome the things that are coming my way.

(2:01:00) You’ve got to get clear on the stories that you’re telling yourself.

(2:01:46) A lot of times we entrepreneurs think that what we’re battling is the strategy and the tools and the resources.

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