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DreamNation Episode 152 – Marshawn Evans Daniels Part 2: How To Believe Bigger And Find Your Calling

One of the main takeaways I got from my chat with Marshawn Evans Daniels is the power of teaching what you know, along with reinventing yourself and finding your purpose. When you listen to how Marshawn answers the questions and shares her thoughts during this podcast, you’ll really see why she won the Interview competition at Miss America. She is also the epitome of self-reinvention, from what society says a ‘problem child’ to being A-student and a great speaker, Marshawn was able to realize her potential. From being someone who struggled with limiting beliefs, due to her being the only black kid in an all-white school, she went from being branded a ‘problem-child’ to having great grades and being on papers. She learned how to achieve more to be more and to, eventually, have more.


She describes herself as someone who always had a desire to help others and a fire for figuring out a way to make money. In her early days, she already manifests entrepreneurship. Selling candies during recess, to setting up her first lemonade stand during summer, she learned early on the power of marketing, messaging, sales, and service. When she entered Miss America, that’s where she realized she loves two things: speaking and law. When she focuses on helping others, that’s when the fears and doubts disappear. She spent many years speaking for free in front of kids, toddlers, and nursery homes, which she says honed her to become a better communicator. Making sure the young kids understand what she talks about made her message clearer. The clearer her message is the bookings she secured which bring in more income. That is how she paid for her law school. When she was in 6th grade, she taught 4th and 5th graders how to become cheerleaders. When she won the Interview portion in Miss America, she taught the aspiring ladies who wanted to pick her brain on how to become a captivating communicator. She discovered early on the power of teaching what you already know. That’s what she continues to do until this day.


Marshawn pivoted a lot before being the Reinvention Strategist, Millionaire Business Mentor, and Best-Selling Author that she is today. She was in the professional sports business before, competing and winning in competitive baton twirling, even with having a legally blind left eye. Today, she is helping others how to build an extraordinary life and business. She is helping people to reinvent, women in particular, through faith, upgrading their faith and their beliefs in terms of their thoughts, and then upgrading their actions in terms of what results they want in their lives. Be ready to be pumped up!

Here’s What You Missed


  • How to not lose your identity?
  • How you perceive what you do is what matters the most
  • Faith as a contact sport- how?
  • Learn about the voice of ‘little me’ versus the ‘future me’
  • How to be a better communicator
  • Learn valuable tips on marriage and relationships
  • Run your own race on your own pace

Marshawn Evans Daniels Part 2: How To Believe Bigger And Find Your Calling


Knowledge Nuggets


[3:14] Sometimes we can lose our identity and what it is that we do and think that’s who it is that we are. What value do you have if you don’t have anything to offer, or if you have something, but you just don’t feel like it? I believe my purpose is to help people to believe bigger and live bolder. But even if I don’t accomplish that or do that, I’m not a failure in God’s eyes.


[6:59] One of the greatest self-care that we can do is to give ourselves permission to just be without any strings, but also to do the things that our heart desires


[10:03] On what Marshawn does: Helping people to reinvent women in particular, through faith, upgrading their faith, how they think about faith, upgrading their beliefs in terms of their thoughts, and then upgrading their actions in terms of what gets some results in their lives.


[11:08] I think how you perceive what you do matters more than how other people perceive it because it determines how you show up. You redefine it for what you want it to be.


[14:34] “What you believe you build, what you doubt you delay.”


[16:06] I looked at faith as a contact sport. But we hyper-spiritualized certain things, and then we call it faith. When it’s really fear, lack of clarity, we call it discernment when it really doubts.


[18:59] We don’t start because we’re hungry. We start because we’re not hungry enough. If you get brought down to your knees, sometimes that’s the only way to get you back to a place of real belief.


[19:39] The voice of little me versus future me: Little me as the voice of fear and doubt and hesitation. Future me is the voice of faith. I believe that the future may conspire with the Holy Spirit, the voice of God, to get us, to see who it is that we really are. ‘Little me’ wants us to be practical. ‘Future me’ wants us to be full of possibility and unstoppable


[22:54] Communication: I think it’s the most important skill you can have in your life. I became a great speaker by learning how to talk to children. If a child doesn’t understand it. Do you really understand what you’re talking about? Children make us simplify the message.


[27:35] I think that’s all business is, is learning how to communicate in a way that your message gets you to a yes. Stop caring about how you’re going to be perceived and just start speaking what you’re thinking and it’ll come together. Because when you’re living in rules, you’re living in prison


[32:00] On marriage: I had to do some real deep work around understanding how could I show up in life where I wasn’t trying to show up as valuable. Who am I if I’m not of service? Because when you do that, you’ll find someone who only wants you for what you do.


[36:57] Your relationships are attached to your ability to reach your dreams. Your proximity to people is going to influence who you become and what will block you from believing. But you can’t expect someone to support your dreams when you don’t actually believe in yourself. I champion him, he champions me, and together, we’re a winning team.


[49:19] On what she could change looking back: “I wonder what I would do if I had what I would have even accomplished more. If I hadn’t waited for permission, hadn’t waited for approval. And if I trusted my intuition in moments where I hesitated because I wasn’t sure if I was doing too much taking up too much space or being disloyal,”


[53:53] Time is something that requires trust humility, surrender, but it also requires pursuit.


[54:13] I might do something a little differently than other people do it, but I’m also going to get there in a way that other people won’t because they weren’t willing to do what I was willing to do. This is why it’s important to run your own race so that you can prepare in a way that is unique.


[57:02] Ask for the courage to actually not only believe bigger but to live bolder.


[58:14] The only way to shut the little voice up is to act and opposite of what the little voice doesn’t want you to do. Is literally the only way you cannot rationalize with a fool,


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Marshawn Evans Daniels Website:                                  https://marshawn.com/

Marshawn Evans Daniels Books:                                      https://believebigger.com/

Marshawn Evans Daniels Instagram:                                               https://www.instagram.com/marshawnevans/

Marshawn Evans Daniels Facebook:                                                https://www.facebook.com/AskMarshawn/

Marshawn Evans Daniels Twitter:                                    https://twitter.com/marshawnevans


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