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DreamNation Episode 143 – Anthony Trucks: How To Shift Your Path To Success

Anthony Trucks is the face of overcoming adversities. At age three, he was put into a foster care system where he was abused, beaten, felt adrift, listless, and worthless. He just spends the day focusing on surviving. At the age of 14, he was adopted by an all-white poor family. Somewhere between being in foster care and being adopted, he overcame many challenges. He became a self-aware kid, he set goals, faced a wall then overcame it. That satisfaction became even evident when he reached his goal of making it into the varsity football team.


He often hears other kids’ remarks that because he was in foster care, that is why is no good in anything. He rolled his sleeves up and worked really hard to have the body built and the skills needed to make it to the varsity team. Due to unwavering determination, he was offered a full-ride scholarship to the University of Oregon, and the ultimate goal of going pro in the NFL. He had a wonderful family at this time, and he was feeling he had it all including a bright future. Little that he knows that more adversities are yet to come. Within a two-month period, I went from having it all in the NFL to being a personal trainer at my local gym to support my family. Due to his busy schedule, his marriage fell apart, and his kids missed him always. He then went again to the feeling of being miserable and a failure.


His discovery of someone who drew inspiration from his life was what gave him the push to go forward. That’s where his purpose shifted. He wanted to be happy, so he knew he needed to give out more. People wanted him to teach them how he does what he does. That’s where his coaching career started and his ultimate upgrade. He discovered that success only happens when who you are to your core, your identity, aligns with your life’s vision. That there’s more to just shifting your mindset. In this podcast, he shares about his life’s downsides, his upsides, and his identity shifts. He then started consulting and winning the personal development world.


Here’s What You Missed


  • Anthony’s early life and failures
  • What really is success and how it’s measured
  • What is Identity Shift? And it is vital to success?
  • What’s the difference between mindset shift and identity shift
  • What’s the key to greatness?
  • What are the four kinds of level and structures of people?

How To Shift Your Path To Success in 2021?



Knowledge Nuggets


[3:55] Everybody can attest to some point in life, not feeling like they mattered or not feel like they fit in or dealing with the reactive shifts.


[4:24] There’s been multiple studies, especially on entrepreneurs that found that in mindset you can have all the tactics and tools and strategies. But if you do not self identify or self categorize or have an identity of the entrepreneur, then that mindset holds no ground.


[7:44] To your root, that it’s who you want to do this thing, 1. It becomes easier and takes less willpower. But mostly we’re so deathly afraid of step one, they never reached it for.


[9:23] Success is not what you get in the end. Success is who you have to or who you have to become to achieve it.


[10:45] If you want to do that thing, eventually, if you give up on doing it to watch everybody else live your dream.


[16:45] Get up every day and I’m trying to make my goals happen, to reach something based on how I feel each day, then I will never reach it. I call it, kicking the ball out and I run up to it.And so there’s days when I wake up, but I do not feel like doing things, but it’s not like I don’t, I can’t. It’s in my calendar, which means it has to get done.


[17:52] And when it’s who you are, it’s less of a burden, more of a feels weird, if I don’t. So it doesn’t take willpower. I just kept stepping up to the plate and minimizing the pain of it. And eventually in doing so the thing became easy. It became joyful.


[21:50] You’re not trying to achieve the achievement for the achievement. You’re trying to achieve the achievement of the transformation of who you become when it’s done, because who you are can do that again and again, and again, and the next time it gets easier.


[25:45] It’s not that I’m some magical human man that the work that I’ve I’m now teaching is work that I lived and I went back and said, all right. I know it’s worked. It’s worked for me. I see it work for clients


[26:08] Mindset is a byproduct of having a good identity, like the ideal identity.


[31:06] But a lot of the progression was nothing more than what you heard. It was me showing up and doing the work, getting opportunities and being prepared from when they came. The information people don’t realize that is most important. It’s not what somebody gives you in the book. It’s what you learn in the book. It’s the information you get while applying what you learned in the book.


[34:57] I don’t go to the emotions. I go to the fact that I know that my logical brain in that emotional space, not the present space knew that this had to be done.


[38:24] We take breaks when we don’t need to take breaks because we haven’t done anything yet.


[41:33] People’s kind of levels and structures and the tiers to it


[48:55] Own your shift. There’s nothing wrong with admitting. But if you keep lying to yourself or if you just keep accepting this limitation and you sell yourself on it, you’ll get to keep that. So own the fact that you got something to work on it’s your duty to fix it. It may not be your fault, but your responsibility.


Important Reads and Links


The E-Myth by Michael Gerber


Anthony Trucks Website:                                   https://anthonytrucks.com/

Anthony Trucks Instagram:                                https://www.instagram.com/anthonytrucks/

Anthony Trucks Twitter:                                     https://twitter.com/anthonytrucks

Anthony Trucks LinkedIn:                  https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonytrucks

Anthony Trucks YouTube:                  https://www.youtube.com/user/AnthonyTrucks


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Click Here for a full transcript of this episode:

Casanova Brooks:

What’s up DreamNation. We are back again with another episode and I am excited to bring my brother to you. This man has been impacting for many a years, not only by impacting other people through football, through American Ninja warrior, but also impacting people through having mindset shifts. And so I’m excited to bring him to you today.

And without further ado, please help me in welcoming my brother, mr. Anthony Trucks, Anthony, you want to go ahead and say what’s up to DreamNation.

Anthony Trucks:

What’s up DreamNation. How are you guys doing today? I know you can’t answer me, but I’m still gonna ask the question.

Casanova Brooks:

I’m sure there’s somebody in their mind.

That’s going to answer that same question. I says, man, you know what? I’m good on, man. I’m excited for this one just as I am. so the way that I always love to start these offers, I like to make sure we give the proper introduction and the way that we do that, as I compare us as entrepreneurs and thought leaders, just to superheroes.

Why is because we’re constantly flying around the world, we’re putting on our Cape and we’re trying to solve the biggest problems. So the one thing that we do know is behind Superman, there was a Clark Kent. The one thing that we don’t know is behind the Superman of Anthony Trucks, who is that Clark Kent.

Anthony Trucks:

Who was the Clark Kent? he is the guy that gets yelled at, by his wife for not getting the kids up and getting their hair done and, and getting dressed nice for school. I don’t know. Man, I’m a regular dude. I think that there’s this perception of me, of, and it’s it’s it’s has it’s cert it’s well-deserved, I’ve worked hard in my life, but I’m a regular guy with an irregular desire to help people.

Casanova Brooks:

Man. I love it. talk to me about when you were first growing up, you’ve been no stranger to adversity. And when you were first going up, you were someone who you found your way in and out of foster homes, if I’m correct.

Am I right?

Anthony Trucks:

Yeah. Yeah. Unfortunately,

Casanova Brooks:

I think that that’s relevant today because even if you’re not growing up in the foster care system, a lot of us right now, we’re trying to figure out who we are. So talk to me about when you were young, at what point did you start to be able to live for who you were rather than trying to fit in, adapt into other people’s family circles, identities.

Anthony Trucks:

that was like 30, probably 31 years old. it’s, it’s been a long, this is something we’re always struggling with. I’m no different than any man or woman who deals with this. The interesting thing is as yeah, a lot of people can’t relate to the exact experience of being in foster care. Cause you are you’re bounced around.

I was like beaten and starved and tortured. And man, like I was a foster kid. I was 14. So I had this weird identity at that time. But the thing is. Everybody can attest to some point in life, not feeling like they mattered or not feel like they fit in or dealing with the reactive shifts. Like for me, I work in shifts.

It’s actually identity. It’s funny, there’s studies that show that a lot of people are anchored in mindset nowadays as prominent. But the interesting thing is there’s been multiple studies, especially on entrepreneurs that found that a mindset you can have all the tactics and tools and strategies. But if you do not self identify or self categorize or have an identity of the entrepreneur, then that mindset holds no ground.

It does nothing for you. You just feel worse than you like. You’re like, why do I have all this? And I can’t get this and I still suck. And it’s actually it’s negative. So identity is where I work because that’s of my, my thing, my entire life. And it’s mostly because a lot of us have moments. Some Aww Shift moments, my podcast is named that, that forces into situations that are either proactive or reactive.

I proactively want to get a better job. I proactively want to lose weight. I proactively want to start a business, start a podcast. But then we’re in times now where it’s very reactive. I am reacting to the world, shutting down, me, losing my job, my friend, losing their job. people being, angry at it, it emotional and I’m in more confrontations in public.

These things are reactive situations that most people don’t know how to handle. I just started handling them back when I was three years old and forced into a system that didn’t care about me. So I’m not better special. I’m just, I’ve just been in the, in the driver’s seat of this car for a while.

Casanova Brooks:

Man now how, at what point did you start to feel like you wanted to make that shift for yourself? Was it when you were 16, 17 years old? And you’re saying, Hey, I’m about to become a man. if I’m also correct, you were also a teen dad, correct?

Anthony Trucks:

Yeah, it was well, 19 pregnant 20. We had the, we had our first.

I guess the way I explain it. So my logical conscious mind now, I, I, the way that I’ve tried to make shifts is vastly different than when I was a kid. So at 15, I did have those moments. I I’ve actually had, these, these multiple, stages because I was a foster kid, just got adopted at 14, played football for the first time was horrible at football.

my mom, she, got diagnosed with MS. I was trying to find a way to have self-worth. Because we all do that. We want to find a way to feel like we matter, we want to be accepted. It’s everybody. I don’t care who you are. And for me, I was like, I’m going to play football. Let’s fun. Let me try it.

And then it stuck. And then I tuck away. Cause I suck at the game. My mom was sick. My older brother went off to the military. So I’m kind of like, I’m one of six and I’m one of five at the house. And it’s dang, like I just, life was going down. And I had this moment in time where I was gifted with something that few of us get an opportunity to be given, which was a gift of hearing out loud.

The excuse I’d given for quitting and hearing how stupid it is. some girl says to somebody else without me listening. the reason I’m so bad because I’m in foster care and it just, it just hit me in the stomach. that sounds gross. Like that’s, that’s not really good enough for me to sit and walk the rest of my life.

And well, the reason I’m on success with them, a foster kid, and the reason I’m a bad day at a reasonable, I’m a criminal. It just so for me at that moment, I was like, no, I don’t, I don’t want to have that be to something I ever speak out loud. And so I went in and this is the first part of it was I decided simple decision.

I’m gonna be better than that. Is it, it wasn’t some earth shattering, the, the world opened up and all of a sudden, some light came out of the sky and I got, it wasn’t some crazy story was like, I don’t like this anymore. It was just a decision. Like I’m done feeling like this. Cause a lot of us need that catalyst moment.

I don’t think we do. I think we just gotta wake up, like, all right. Is enough. And that was the famous spurred me to say, I want to be great. And then a great meant for me football at 15 years old. So I dug in and I did what a lot of people don’t do. I decided I’m going to do the things to be successful before I knew I’d be successful.

Hmm. I dug in, man. I lifted the weights, ran the routes, caught the footballs, came back the next year, an animal like, and that’s where a lot of my work is rooted nowadays as the concept of what I remember and how I experienced that moment. Because what I tell people is when, you reach to your root, is that it’s who you want to do this thing one, it becomes easier.

It takes less willpower. I’m doing that thing because it’s who I ended up. I’m a good mom, a good dad. I’m a football player. I’m going to live. I’m going to eat. I’m going to run. So you are, it’s almost, it’s hard, but it’s really easy at the same time. You find almost joy in doing it, but then you’ve got people who have this imposter syndrome we’ll call it of, yeah, but that’s not me.

And I don’t, what if somebody judges me? What if they look at me funny? yeah. they’re gonna look at you funny, cause that’s not, that’s not who you are, but don’t you want to be somebody else, right? Doesn’t that person have the job, the house, the body of the wife, the husband car you want. yeah.

So if you’re not that person you want that. Yeah. You’re gonna have to do something different, which means people are gonna see that it’s something different, but guess what? The first time you do it, it’s funny. The second time it’s I’m still doing that third time. It’s they really are.

Unfortunately, it’s that’s who they are now. like it takes, but mostly we’re so deathly afraid of step one, they never reached that four. And so that’s I learned that at a young age, because when I was doing the football stuff back then, I did a whole bunch more after, but that point in time was like, what are you doing at you?

Suck way out there running routes. We, we lifted weights for you. You said what? You gonna run, run faster, slower. You have to get strong to run slower. It’s like just making fun all the time. And then eventually I come back and I’m buckling those dudes, Oh, far from it, dude. I was like a childhood.

Why is this guy still playing the game? Yeah. And I’m not even kidding, man. It took two years to figure it out and then eventually got a scholarship and played the NFL. But that was, you saw me at 14. You’d be like, why, who, what? Let this kid come out here. He’s going to get hurt. Hmm,

Casanova Brooks:

man. And I think that that’s so big.

Two things came to my mind and the first thing was, Jim Rohn. He says something along the lines of success is not what you get in the end. Success is who you have to, or, or who you have to become to achieve it. It’s something along those lines. And I got to figure out that quote again, but the second one, when you started talking about, first time is.

Oh, you’re going to do this second time is, Oh, you’re still doing this and so forth. And it gets me to thinking about children because they’re so fascinating. But when they first start riding a bike, you’re untrained, We all want to be in the end, an expert on something, but you just have to understand that you’re untrained.

First time, you get on that bike and you’re definitely scared of it. And then after a while, second day, third day, and some of these kids go off and they become BMX or whatever it is. But at the beginning they had no concept of how to be great. They just took it one step at a time. And so I love that you brought that part up.

Anthony Trucks:

As much as we talk about that, the problem is as adults think Oh, that’s just a bike ride, a bike. We’re just a kid. And there’s, wasn’t much, but relatively to a kid, that’s everything. So everything. So just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean that it’s a different cause to you like quitting this job and not your business.

That’s still everything. It’s the same relative aspect. And I think the thing that people fail to comprehend is that. Like at the end of the day, if, if you, if you’re a kid and you want to ride a bike and you can’t worry about it, you get to watch everybody else ride bikes. Do you get to sit there and feel like crap?

And it just eats at you. And the night that you suck and you go in the house and you, you get shabby and you don’t, you just eat food. You make fun of those people, same thing in life, man, if you want to do that thing, eventually, if you, you give up on doing it to watch everybody else live your dream. And I just think that that’s such a sad thing, because there’s really the only thing separating you from that person.

It’s just getting on the bike and taken one pedal stroke. And figuring it out. And then now you’re riding with them may take a while. you may not be riding BMX. I can’t ride BMX, but I can ride along. I could, I could enjoy parts of it. You know what I’m saying? Nobody’s going to be Elon Musk, but you can go ahead and do a little Bobby down the street.

So on hot dogs too, like it’s cool. Run a business,

Casanova Brooks:

Facts, man. you made, you did something that obviously so many kids, so many, especially young boys want to do in their lifetime, you made it it’s at the NFL. And I think that that is definitely a feat that we don’t want to go unnoticed because 1% of the 1% of the 1% actually gets to make it. For you.

At what point did you really start to know? And I think this is, can be relevant in all business cycles, but was there ever a time where you were like riding this bike and you were like, Oh shit. I think I’m going to make it. Or was it just like one step every day? And then all of a sudden you’re like, somebody else tells you like, yo, you can go to the NFL.

And you’re like, okay, why not give it a shot?

Anthony Trucks:

like that. Oddly. Unfortunately it was there, there, so I call it, but that wasn’t the bonus rounds I’ve been in bonus rounds of life for a long time. Statistically in America, if you go to any prison in America, 75% of the inmates are former foster kids.

50% of the homeless population has spent time in foster care and like less than 1% of foster kids graduated from college. So statistically, I am not supposed to exist. The football on top of that is this, these aren’t, these aren’t real things. So for me, it’s like the fact that I got a house that I can live in.

Then I got, parents that are feeding me and all that kind of stuff. And I grew up real poor too, in that family, to be honest, like I’m the only black person, all white, poor family, a lot of dynamics of issue and identity, But what it was was, I got this point where I started realizing I’m just going to keep seeing what else I can get out of this.

Because if you think about bonus rounds in a game, you beat the level, you still beat the level, but let’s see what extra can I get more mushrooms going to get more ratings? Can I shoot more ducks? you just keep on going. And eventually the second I’ve been, I’ve been leaning into more and more bonus rounds of life.

So at that time, yeah, when I was growing up, it was like junior year of college that I considered, like the NFL is a feasible possibility, a year later at the NFL combine and and a year later I’m with the buck in the ears, it’s just it’s, it’s weird. It really was a weird experience to be honest, my other, this, these aren’t my lines, like the funny thing is you still have most people don’t grasp.

I had imposter syndrome while playing. Hmm. there’s this thought of, I don’t belong out here. Like I’m not, I wasn’t a blue chip guy in high school. And the, the, the, the thoughts creep in. And I think my first time, like my first year with the, with the Bucks, like I let it get a little bit of my head.

Like I didn’t belong there. I didn’t feel like I earned or deserved or whatever it was, whether it’s the foster care stuff or just, homesickness. I almost want to quit, man. But it’s a, it’s a difficult, it’s a difficult thing that everybody battles, but not everybody talks about. Especially at the former NFL linebacker.

And you don’t talk about this, me sharing these things took years to get to the point of being able to express. But yeah, man, the NFL was not this, aren’t, I’m gonna go there. I got this. It was like, What’s the next thing. Oh, NFL’s next. Let’s try that. I just, whenever I, I lean into something, I choose it.

I buckled down and go, I get rid of the voice in my head. That’s copping me out. I just dig. But then in the NFL is odd, but once I got there, that’s when I started questioning it. Yeah.

Casanova Brooks:

And so talk to me about, cause that’s just, like you said, not a lot of people when we look at these big mega athletes, especially in NFL, we think of big macho guys.

We think that nothing can break their mindset, especially like you said, when you’re a linebacker, was that the norm that like. And it’s a, don’t ask, don’t tell, but, or do you think that, that there is like a lot of people that also feel that way? Because yeah, if you’re up against, Jadeveon Clowney, Or, or whoever else that it might be, they’re just, like you said, they came from Clemson or somewhere like that. And you line up that day and you’re doing drills with them. Do you feel like a lot of people go through that? They just don’t ever talk about it, almost like a form of depression.

Anthony Trucks:

No, I don’t think, I think there’s some, probably some guys for sure, but I don’t think they’re all doing that. I think at the end of the day, most people, they get the lead, like they’re feisty. They’re fiery guys. I just, I think there’s a difference inside of me. And I’m not saying that any guys didn’t, but I think if they did, I didn’t know.

also you gotta to realize a lot of guys battle things that nobody they don’t talk about. They don’t, they don’t go the extra level to express or share. And so you do get a lot of guys that are just battling deems and ever shared, ever talk about why they ended up getting in trouble or taking their lives.

It’s tough, but we live in a society where it’s not the common thing for someone to express exactly how they feel. So they end up living their entire life, like feeling like they’re less than, or not worthy. And so that, that’s where I think the suicide rate for men is, six to one, it’s just, it’s difficult.

yeah. a lot of guys struggle, but I don’t think a lot of guys talk about it.

Casanova Brooks:

For you. What was like, was there ever a time, cause you went through your first wife and you got a divorce, correct?

Anthony Trucks:

Yeah. Yeah. That was years later. Yeah. My life fell apart, post football and post NFL, man. It was not a good time for me for the next like 8 years.

Casanova Brooks:


And so the reason why I wanted to ask that is because as you’re going through this imposter syndrome, Was it all an innate ability that you knew who you were and you were going to keep going, or was it like your environment of like your wife saying Hey, you’re supposed to be here.

Think about what you did in college. Think about this time, like you got this.

Anthony Trucks:

Yeah, no, I was, I was, you know what it is, it’s a dissociation of, of the, I explain I separate myself from the weird, emotional thoughts. I don’t like to operate in emotional space. I think a lot of people do, not that they choose to.

They just don’t even, they’re not aware they’re doing it, but if I get up every day and I’m trying to make my goals happen, to reach something based on how I feel each day, then I will never reach it. Cause there’ll be a day. You wake up and I don’t want to do it and you don’t do it and you feel bad about it.

And the next day you’re like, why didn’t do it yesterday? I suck. Why even try? And it just trickles downhill. So for me, I’ve always I call it, kicking the ball out and I run up to it. I kicked the ball out when I run up to it, whether I feel like it or not, I’m just taking steps. Cause I gotta get to the ball.

And so there’s days when I wake up, but I do not feel like doing things, but it’s not like I don’t, I can’t. Do not do it. Cause I don’t feel like it’s supposed to be done it’s in my calendar, which means it has to get done. I’ll do it. I don’t want to do it right now. All right. I don’t, but I want to get it done at this point in my life.

I realized the reason that it’s been useful for me and I can understand, I now teach this the reason it was useful for me and why I’ve been able to have success is the things that, that certain people do that are successful. It almost gets frustrating to everybody else because of like, how do they make it look so easy?

Like, why is it that I struggle with this? How do they do it so easily? How do they do it and find joy? And it’s weird. And what it is, this is where identity came to play. It’s Oh, cause, cause it’s who they are to do that thing. And when it’s who you are, it’s less of a burden, more of a feels weird. If I don’t.

So it doesn’t take willpower. It takes, it just takes a separate kind of fuel. So for example, if someone’s I’m thinking about anybody like Susan, somebody named Susan who, you know, she, she didn’t, want to work out, not on her phone. Social media posts was always, just like weird pictures of like wolves in her house and, and, maybe the occasional, like family photo, but now Susan.

Went to CrossFit. Susan works out and Susan’s got pictures of, yoga pants and a butt sheets and, eating certain foods and she’s got her stuff and her yoga hurts her CrossFit friends. What’s the difference. There’s there’s no difference. Except for in the beginning, it was very difficult for her and she didn’t post much, but after a while it became who she was right now.

It’s normal. Not that hard workout. It wasn’t some difficult, fun. Cause everything you try in the beginning, whenever like you try like the marriage situation, those were hard things to do that the business was hard. You first you try it and you suck at it. You try it again, and then you realize, okay, I’m a little bit better and try it again.

And it goes from like a 10 of pain to nine of pains with eight of pain, eventually goes to a zero and people think at zero it’s like, all right, I can do this. And I’m just not paying no, it actually turns into joy at that point, then you hated becomes a thing you love doing. And so for me, what I was doing back then, what I teach now was I just kept stepping up to the plate and minimizing the pain of it.

Cause I knew it needed to get done, whether I felt like it or not. And eventually in doing so the thing became easy. It became joyful. And now what everybody else is and how do you get all that done? Like, how do you not as part of my brains, like how do you not? And I’m like, Oh yeah, cause you haven’t, you haven’t weathered the storm.

You didn’t lift the weights of life. And so for me, I teach people like, how do we move into this space structure that, so that over time becomes a thing where you look back and go, I don’t know when, but like all of a sudden I feel amazing. And then that’s how things get better.

Casanova Brooks:

Man. I love it. And, and this was something, that I learned and it wasn’t too long ago, but when I was thinking about, cause we all go through those same mindset shifts.

And, and what I mean by that is in the beginning, we’re playing the comparison game. And after awhile, and now I think that’s the thief of all joy. Because right now, I don’t know how long that you’ve been speaking. I don’t know how long it doesn’t matter what it is that we’re talking about, but you could have been speaking for nine years.

So you’ve now done thousands of events. Maybe I’m only in year two. And I’m wondering, how does Anthony make it look so easy? Just like what you said, but I’m comparing your hundred and 50th step to my 16th and that’s unfair to me. Rights and no, because at the end of the day, everybody has their own books that they write and not every book is 15 chapters.

Anthony Trucks:

Someone we got to build up. You alluded to it earlier. Actually you talked about Rohn statement of now it’s not what you achieve, but it’s, it’s more of who you become. I don’t know if it was exact statement, but it’s interesting is there’s always a, hero’s two journeys that most people fail to comprehend is going on.

One journey is the achievement like I use mighty ducks is like the, the way to be like. Teach this kind of concept, but the mighty ducks movie, I loved it. It was like this thing at the end, it was just excitement. And the whole time of trying to achieve something they want to achieve when this tournament, it gets the, the team from across town.

And so what ends up happening is in the beginning, you get this, this kid who’s, stuck up and he’s just, cute. Doesn’t want to be on the team and you get the, the Midwest of as being forced to be there and get a little chubby kid. He doesn’t like himself and a girl who’s embarrassed. And then the Thrasher kid from the back alleys, who’s a nobody, right?

And yes, they come together to achieve something, but that achievement was never really the thing that made you get the chills, what it was like that moment you’ll see him score and yeah, but what makes you feel good? What sets up ducks? Two, three, four is who the kids became, right? Who Emilio Estevez became the, the, he became a better guy.

Did the kid, the date of the kid’s mom, the girl feels better about herself. The bashed brother, guy feels cool, Goldberg to goalie. Like all these people, they, they. They open up and they become different humans who are now capable of doing the things that were struggles easier. And lo and behold, they get scholarships and it all opens up.

That’s how life works for a lot of us. Few people are grasping. You’re not trying to achieve the achievement for the achievement. You’re trying to achieve the achievement of the transformation of who you become when it’s done, because who you are can do that again and again, and again, and the next time it gets easier.

Casanova Brooks:

man, that’s and that’s so powerful. And I thought of my son, I got a nine-year-old boy and my daughter turns three in November. And I think that every single day that’s the thing that we really have to be looking at is how do we have next level leadership? And what does that look like? A lot of it it’s with.

Character and adversity our kids. They gotta be able to see some adversity to know that, Hey, I can get through this. If everything is easy and you’re only focused on the end result, I tell people all the time that you don’t have to love the journey. But you have to be married to the destination because the journey will change.

There’s ebbs and flows all the time. And if you learn to embrace them, even though you don’t love them, I’m sure there was a lot of character and adversity. I had to be built in the NFL for you to be able to even just make it. And so for you now, Now you’ve become, you played in the NFL, you’ve accomplished this, and now you decide that you want to do this new chapter in life.

You want to teach other people how to not give up on themselves and how to have these mindset shifts.

Anthony Trucks:

A common thing that people say the mindset shift and I always have to here. I’m like, Oh, I get the little twinge, cause so much deeper than that.

And I feel like people lose out on the true depth of what happens when the identity shifts and it, because a mindset flows with it. But yeah, my, my bed I interrupted.

Casanova Brooks:

Oh good. And we, I want you to tap into all of that, but I was just wondering, was there one time that came on this. does someone come up to you at the end?

And they said, Oh my God, I would love to blaze the path just like you did, but here’s where I am. And I feel like I can’t. Was there an epiphany moment or did you already know I’m getting out of the NFL? Here’s what I want to do now?

Anthony Trucks:

No, I didn’t do this. This was, this was actually the, the culmination of me doing the work I teach.

So I got to the NFL, I have my degree in kinesiology. So open a gym, novel idea for an athlete. Nobody does that. And. So I’m running this gym I’m training athletes. And then I started figuring out like, people want to have me teach them how I do what I do. So I figured I’ll hop on some stages, start teaching.

And so I started teaching and traveling the world and talking about fitness. and then I started getting into the point of tell you more of my personal story. People ask, like, how’d you get here? What’s your story? And I start sharing people that it’s a crazy story. You should probably tell more people.

Started telling more people that I got in this, this world of telling a story and then a corporation brought me in to teach some of that stuff, mostly like fitness stuff. alright, I’m gonna do consulting because I like this consulting thing. I don’t want to really worry too much about running a gym and had all this employees and 20 staff and hundreds of plank clients just a lot.

So I let me do this. And then I get to the point where. I started consulting and find that there’s a personal development world. I had no idea existed. And as again, in Brendon Burchard, who, I don’t know if you know him he’s got a humble heart. Great dude. He’s he’s, one of the pillars in the industry and it happened in one of these events in Santa Clara, randomly off of somebody that I was consulting for, recommending his name for some topic, look it up like, all right, let’s go.

And then you happens to have an event an hour South. Oh my God. I’m shooting down a Santa Clara, check it out. I ended up going and just being a guy in the stands, somebody new and then fast forward. Three years after realizing what he taught in that, that timeframe is there’s a lot to my personal story, a lot to my perspectives, how I can teach these things, not just teach a concept because I’m teaching and talking about concepts right now, but I have full fledged curriculum.

I work clients through, I was on the phone earlier with 60 people, who, one of my previous clients. Didn’t have any clients, like he now has a group of hundreds of people and his program and I’m training them. And he’s this guy I’m bringing on the reason I’m who I am like. It’s super awesome to feel.

But this all came from the understanding of the value of what I bring to the table from my personal story that I can teach and fast forward, like three years. On that guy stages. I could text him right now if I want to talk. I’m the only person who’s gone from being a person in his stands randomly to speaking on his stage, like being in his home and it’s these a huge heart.

And I think that the biggest thing for me to realize is it’s not a matter of the things that I can do or the things that you know, it, he doesn’t care about football. He doesn’t care about my it’s, who I am. It’s the, it’s the things that I did, how I show up the moments that nobody can really grasp, like those little things.

Cause what separated me from anybody else. Is I go home and do stuff. Nobody else sits there and thinks about. Should I, could I, what if I get look funny? I did a video a day called a nightly 90 for 1,333 days, 3.6, five years. Every single night I posted a video. Wow, nonstop, little things, 92nd videos. It’s still on YouTube.

You can watch all of them. They’re all there. You watch me and my kids grow up through it. But these little things, man, those are the things that separated me and they can separate literally anybody. Cause it’s not that I’m some magical human man that the work that I’ve I’m now teaching is work that I lived and I went back and said, all right.

I know it’s worked. It’s worked for me. I see it work for clients the way I conversated with them. Let me unpack the neuroscience and the psychology behind how this really comes to fruition. And then turn it into a full fledged structure called the Shift Method. And that’s really what I go out and teach us not Anthony having a good day.

let’s talk about stuff today. It’s here’s step one of the Shift Methods. Here’s step two. We walk people through and what’s beautiful is when you go through. Mindset is a byproduct of having a good identity, like the ideal identity. I call it for your dream, the byproduct. You don’t even think about the fact that you just have a good mindset.

People be like, you got a great mindset. It’d be like, Oh yeah, I guess I do. cause he just, that identity has that or certain belief system you have or certain habits you have. How do you do dah, dah, dah, dah. I don’t ever thought about it. I just do it. It seems it’s just who I am. Cause the thing is, is anybody’s ever been in a room with people who were at levels above them in a place they want to be.

Maybe it’s a better mom, better dad, but business owner, when you sit in that room, I’ve been in multiple rooms above me and just always stretched into them, but I get it. And I listen. I’m like these people are loopy bird. I don’t know what, how do they even think of that? And you start to realize Oh, they all think like that.

common sense tells you, they all think like that. Then that’s probably that part of that identity that allows them to be that person, how they see problems, where they see opportunity, how they, how they see, progressions of bringing things to life, what slows them down, what doesn’t and should never slow them down.

What they see disdain with. You start adopting this, this perspective of Oh, that’s the kind of identity I need to be, because then what happens is you get to be like them in that capacity. Everybody want to be like, they’d be in that capacity. And it becomes easy. The things that are hard.

Become easy and in life in and of itself is hard. So imagine how much more enjoyable life is when you can do hard things easier. Cause of life’s hard and I can do hard things. Easy life gets easy.

Casanova Brooks:

Did you early you, we met Brendan Bouchard, right? You developed a relationship with him. Did you instantly sign up for his coaching?

were you hooked on it or was that something that you were just like, no, I’m going to take this information. I’m just going to continue to do my own thing and get better. And then all of a sudden the stars aligned. And the reason why I asked that is because right now, mentorship and coaching is as hot as it’s ever been.

Everyone’s reaching out to other people on social media and things like that. And people reach out to me and I’m sure they reach out to you and they want to know how they can be coached or whatever. What did that look like for your path?

Anthony Trucks:

Yeah. So for me, I started off, in an aspect of. I just went and showed up.

I didn’t even know about the world. The whole Lake was everybody by hugging each other and doing crazy. What is everybody? And I’ll just, I’m not touching a buddy. I’m a football guy. We don’t. at first, yeah, I didn’t. And so that was like the entrance into reading and learning.

And I think the biggest thing, I think the biggest thing for me in the beginning was getting past the Eagle point of, I’m too good for this. That’s the first I’m too good for this. I don’t need to be doing all the XYZ. So I got past that, and get to the point of realizing that then if you don’t give yourself permission to improve, you never will.

You got to give yourself permission to improve. So what I tell people is like this first central portion, I just showed up and learned and absorbed. And then I gave myself the permission to suck. Like I going to suck at this, let me start recording things and just do the work. And it was, it wasn’t him.

That found me to be honest. It was a weird turn of events where I was in. I was in the back of the room and he has you separate these groups. And in one of the groups with some girl in the far back is hanging out to join the group. And, we tell our stories, tell their story. Everybody’s telling stories.

And then afterwards, like the next event, I want to say, someone goes, tell me your story, some random woman, tell me your story. And then I told him my story, cause now I’m up and up. I’m like, all right, I’ll just tell my story. Am I doing this right? And so I’d be going to events, cup. They’re like separate, the months apart from each other.

And it ends up finding, I found out that the woman who asked me that question was a woman who was like the main manager for Brendan. And the woman who was in the actual group with me was Brendan’s like his right-hand guys. Son’s fiance. Who’s working on staff that day. So she told this lady who then asked me a question.

I told her the question it’s cool. And I guess they started watching it pay attention. Did I show up? What did I do? How do I apply the information? Then one day they go, do you want to volunteer? yeah, I’ll volunteer. And I had no intention to meet and be like, it wasn’t this thing where I want to go in, I want to meet him.

Cause I think NFL, they that takes that from you. You just, these guys, everybody else is Oh, look on the pedestal. You’re like, but that does cheat on his wife. And he’s making fun of people when he’s not a good dude, but Hey, the rest of the world loves him because he keeps the football, So it’s there’s just differences in that aspect. And so I didn’t have that, but I just want to be around the industry and see what would happen, how it worked. And then one day I, I got asked to like, be like, Borderline security. Cause I’m still a six foot, one, 240 pound guy. Like I’m a bigger dude.

And so I mix security and then like he asked me a question, I show him as contorted. Like I’m still flexible. He’s dang, how you do that? It’s I got this thing I do. He’s and I had made this product. He’s you have anything. It’s I got this little product and show you. So I show him this thing called Jim and a bag that made for previous companies.

Like we’re going to make this. So we make it become business partners, become buddies and over time, which is grown into something else. But a lot of the progression was nothing more than what you heard. It was me showing up and doing the work, getting opportunities and being prepared from when they came.

And that’s just what everybody hears. But so many people, they don’t want to waste time because what if I do this? And it doesn’t come to fruition. Yeah. It may not come to fruition. And that, that area that you’re trying to attach it to. What if it does at a higher level, in a different direction, right?

What’s the thing that you’re shooting for down here to build a create that you’ve put in your, all your eggs in like that egg supposed to be in a different basket over here, but it can’t be there because you never even made it for this basket. And I, I always am. And then on top of that, What am I learning while making the egg?

What am I learning while creating this? Cause that’s the thing that’s gold. The information people don’t realize that is most important. It’s not what somebody gives you in the book. It’s what you learn in the book. It’s the information you get while applying what you learned in the book. It’s it’s, it’s such, you can’t verbally say or speak like my biggest struggle now is being able to transfer through the chemicals in my brain, the vibration of my, my vocal cords through the microphone, to your, your face and people hearing it in vibrations that triggering chemicals in your brain to get the thought the exact way that I have it.

That’s my problem. I got the thoughts and they’re there, but how do I get the thought implanted in people’s ears who are listening? Because when it does settle in, when they do grasp it, that it immediately changes people. Cause it will it’ll change. It’s once you can’t unring the bell, they say once you’ve come out, once you see that they’ve taken the red pill, you can’t go back in the tube.

Neo, how do you get people to get this pill? And it’s the words. And the hardest part now is what’s the collection of words to get this pill to go into your brain. So you go, Oh, Oh, I get it. Oh, wow. Okay. And then now everything changes. That’s what you need for people.

Casanova Brooks:

Man. No, I, and I absolutely love that.

It’s the, the experience. And, and we as me and my guys, we always say, your mind is like a wallet that has had money in it. Once it expands, it can never contract again. And so I definitely, definitely agree with that. let me, and that was something that I was going to ask, like right now, it seems like everybody was looking at you.

It looks like you have it all made. You have beautiful family, you have the, you have everything. Like right now, if you can look back over these last three years outside of trying to transfer the energy to other people, for them to be able to understand that they can accomplish the same things that you have, because you’re just an ordinary guy.

What else has been your biggest struggle?

Anthony Trucks:

Hmm. it’s, it’s the same as everybody else. It’s consistency in, in one clear direction. The hardest thing for me, I’m a, what I call a dabbler is actually, this is a quadrant I created called a slower go and it breaks down if you’re a doer defender, dabbler or a goer, or sorry, a dreamer and I for a lot of years was a dabbler, which is essentially a shiny object person.

I try something new. It doesn’t have an immediate success point. So I try something new again, cause I I’m addicted to that first rush of the idea and the creation. I launch it. If it doesn’t work, I just got to do it again. And then what I had to figure out, I was like, no, the people who are successful, they have that first rush.

But the true transformation that we talked about, the goals being met happens when you doctor. So most things, you design it, you develop, you deploy the new doctor. Most people miss the doctor face. They designed something that developed some idea around it. They do the, the, the creative parts of it.

They deployed into the world and it sucks. And they go alright, let me try something else. This could be working out. It could be, trying to get a girlfriend or wife, doesn’t matter what it is. Most people don’t look back and say, okay, what part of this was broken? So I don’t keep doing the same thing over and over the same result.

Where can I find the sick piece that I can treat like the doctor and the doctor’s job in the, in your life? Isn’t fun. Nobody likes being the doctor. Cause the doctor tells you bad news and gives those. You don’t want to take, so for me, like I am, I’ve been, I’ve been, I’ve always struggled. This, we always will.

It’s like, how do I take this thing I made that I put effort into and had this big vision was going to be great. And then it didn’t turn out how I expected. How do I get the emotional drive to keep doing it again? And this is where I lead to what I said earlier. I don’t go to the emotions. I go to the fact that I know that my logical brain in that emotional space, not the present space knew that this had to be done.

So if I knew it had to be done, I trust that guy from last week, two months ago, two years ago. And I just, I do, I do it’s on paper and I do it. I pull the emotion away from it and then I just keep moving and I move and I eventually just, it’s hard. It becomes easy. And then I find joy. And then I get the result that I’m happier.

And then all of a sudden it’s Oh, I got everything. Cause that’s what I have is not this, that special man. It’s not like I have a beautiful wife. I have beautiful kids that are happy and healthy and make good money. I got to travel. I have a good body. Like I’m in shape. Did none of this is anything like nothing.

It’s nothing that no one else can’t have. Everybody can have it. The only thing differences in the moments that I don’t want to do it, I still do it. That’s it. That’s the magic sauce, man. It’s just people that look right. The bigger picture of push hard drive. Give it then. No, just do the thing you don’t want to do today.

Cause tomorrow will be a new thing. When you do want to do this thing, there will be a new thing because of the identity that has as a things that you want. It’s on the backside of a door that has a problem in front of it. And the problem people have is they haven’t figured out what’s on this door. They haven’t crossed this threshold to even approach the door that has the problem.

They can solve the reach, what they want. So for me, I just kept trudging along doors, like Shawshank redemption, crawling through the poopy tunnel, bro. I just keep going. And eventually I popped out at the backside. That’s all it was. And it’s that it doesn’t have to be this big emotional overhaul to drive, but it’s like, all right, I know I got to get this thing done.

It’s it’s eight o’clock at night. I’m tired of the long day. I don’t want to write this email. I don’t want to read this. I don’t want to, Oh, let me put Netflix on or. Alright, 30 minutes ago, 30 minutes. And I just buckle up for 30 minutes and that 30 minutes that adds up. Cause then that 30 minutes easy.

And then what took 30 takes five. And I do that thing all the time. So imagine the thing that everybody else keeps pushing off. Cause it’s 30 minutes to keep pushing off. I’m doing it in five minutes a day easily. guess what? I get to present myself to that next problem. And now I’m three levels, four levels down, and you’re still stuck to the same one.

And it’s not because I have a better book in my brain or because I have a different experience. It doesn’t mean I didn’t play in the NFL. None of that matters what I do now. It has nothing to do with the NFL. Absolutely nothing but the success I have has to everything with what do I do in the moments? I don’t want to do things, I buckled down for 20 more, 15 more, 30 more minutes. And if you can, you’ll find that it becomes easy to do that thing. And then you can present yourself to the next problem.

Casanova Brooks:

Man is that, there’s the one quote that, that came into my mind is, one of my guys would always say, do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it at the highest level.

And if you can do that, if you could do what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it at the highest level, and you’re going to be successful. And that also brings it to the next point, because I have read high performance habits. And I’ve listened to a lot, just like you said, he’s been a pioneer in this.

Space for many years. And one thing that he talks about is his ability to take breaks. And I feel some guys like you and I, and I don’t know if you’ve struggled with this, so I shouldn’t assume, but sometimes you get into it and you get to go, go, go, go, go. Because you have that momentum. Do you still take breaks on things?

do you find yourself getting exhausted?

Anthony Trucks:

the civil thing here is Mike. My it’s my it’s my little. I don’t call it mini deity when it comes to a man of faith. But this is like my second God, when I got to get something done, the problem is we want to take breaks a week. We take breaks when we don’t need to take breaks because we haven’t done anything yet.

I’ll take a break off in front of the computer for the last 20 minutes. Yeah. But that last wait in minutes you spent 15 of it’s scrolling, bro. The only thing that the break should be after you’ve done something, attacks your brain because you did the work. I’ve had, I’ve had a, the last week I’ve been trying to knock out this thing of a new campaign and I’m writing like it’s 16 different mini paragraphs that are every word is powerfully specific and it’s taxing and it’s, and I put this egg timer on.

All right. I got 15 minutes to get something done. So I started doing it and it’s, it’s a thing where I do have to take a break. I got to collect myself, collect my brain, but the reality is I only take breaks when I know I deserve them. That’s the difference. I think there’s a thing, a thought that I got to take a break and I set this egg timer and a lot of people were looking at what the paper says, the overarching like, Oh, I’ve been sitting down 50 minutes.

Yeah. Yeah. But what did, what did you actually press yourself to do? And if you check in with yourself, honestly, did you get that thing done? And did you did it done right? You can do it. You can catch a workout. It could be a crappy workout. Cause you didn’t, you didn’t push hard to use lightweights and you’d rest and way too long, but you can still say I got to work workout.

And the same as my workout room, not 30 minutes, I got everything done. And you got 10 things that may be of the 20 done. And indeed all you didn’t push real hard. You didn’t look at yourself, so guess who’s going to be stronger. That’s the thing is, is you, can’t just, you got to know what you’re actually pushing and it’s a ton of self-awareness.

And I think some people don’t like the idea of knocking themselves down. You’re your own worst enemy. Yeah. But motivation of itself as attacking the parts of yourself that need to be motivated. So it’s not a matter of beating yourself up, but it’s going and saying, let’s be honest with myself. Am I pushing?

And if I’m not dig in, cause what’s beautiful is when you do little by little, you start getting this personal pride that, that now you don’t wanna let yourself down. And you feel like an animal, like when, when you get to that feeling that, you deserve something because you’ve done the work to earn it.

That’s what makes people untouchable? I’m I’m that way I know people can’t touch me like that. Whether it’s a personal pride, you can’t touch the fact that I’m gonna get something done. If I get to a competition level, I’m so internal. Now at this point, if I see some of the competition, like I got it, I’ll do that person.

I literally stopped looking. Yeah. What they’re doing, I’m just digging. And I just go, it let me beast. Cause I trust that if I lean into my level of what’s great for me and the knowledge I have, what are you known as to be done? every time I come back and outdone them, because they were looking at me and they lost sight of themselves.

Cause I know most people don’t do that. So little, these little nuances they’re separators. So it’s yeah, I take breaks, but when I’ve earned them and when I know I deserve them, that’s when I will, because I need to re I, you need to sharpen the ax, but like you can’t sharpen the ax if you honestly don’t even take any swings.

Casanova Brooks:

Facts that, and I know. We just got a couple of questions left, but one thing that I want to ask you is a lot of people listening to this right now. And I think that everything of what you just said speaks to having an identity, just like you said, the mindset comes with it. Everything comes with the once.

You know who you are, you’re not focused on the competition. You’re running your own race. Is there a quick hack that someone can at least put themselves on the right path to identifying, even at a surface level who they are and what their identity is.

Anthony Trucks:

Yeah, there’s, there’s a quiz that I have on my website, so we could take this, but I’ll break down the kind of levels and structures.

And so what it is is four different areas and one of the areas has different tiers to it. So the four areas are based on slower go it’s opportunity and opposition that we have in life, no matter who we are, these things intersect. And then we are met as who we are at that intersection point. You either go hard and opportunity or go slow when it happens or you’ll go hard,in opposition or go slow when it happens.

So if I go slow and opposition and I’m slow to take on opportunities, I’m a dreamer. The person that dreams about a lot of things on talk about stuff and last lot of questions, but I’ll do nothing because I don’t approach opportunity. It scares me and I don’t tackle opposition because I’m afraid of it.

I don’t believe I deserve anything. So they stay in that dreamer state, then you got someone who says, you know what, I, I, I attack opportunity. I’m going opportunity, but I go slow in opposition, which means when opposition arises, I slow down. These people are what I call. Dabblers like me, I’m going to take on this new shiny object because they get excited about it.

I want to take it on and see what it is, but the second something goes wrong. Womp, I shut down. I feel bad. I don’t want to face it again. I, Oh man, I can’t do this. I suck. I know. I suck. When you tuck away for a few months, then you emerge back and try something new shiny object. Dab or you’ll dabble in life.

Then you’ve got what I call defenders. These are people who have had some success. These people will go hard and opposition to protect the stance they already have. I will tack how dare you say that. I’m not that thing. I’m a great mom. I’m a great coach, right? Don’t, I’m a defendant, but because they’ve had some success, they are slow to take on new opportunity because what if I try it and fail and it takes a little bit away from what I’ve already created.

I don’t want anybody to, I don’t want to lose a little bit of this cake. I’m gonna protect this cake, right? So these are people, an undefeated boxer. You built a great business, but doesn’t want to sell it and try something new because what what’s the next one sucks. or I sold a business. I don’t want to start a new one because what if it’s not as good as the first one?

So people who don’t want to, they don’t want to let any part of their ego get shipped off. They take on nothing new and miss out on all the opportunities that they have because of what they’ve already created for themselves. Then you’ve got a person who is, what’s called a doer, which is they tackle opportunity because they know they can handle the opposition and they tackle opera opposition because they know it creates new opportunity.

They go go. Yeah, no problem. I’m a, I’m a doer. They call it, but that person has five levels. And this is what you alluded to earlier actually. And where these people sit, the five levels are fairly simple, but you’ll grasp, especially in our space. It makes sense. The first person was called a Walker. I walk places.

I’m self powered. Self-driven self-made these people don’t want to take any insight. I’m going to do it myself and figure it out. It’s like the two-year-old no, mommy. I got it. I’ll do it. how far did they get, If we’re all traveling from, say, California, Florida, the person who’s walking might never make it right.

May never. We’ve got a person who’s a writer. Let’s say they ride a bike scape or whatever it is. They got the stance to help them get there quicker. They read an article, they watch a Ted talk. they just took a couple of things and learn a little bit. But they didn’t really invest.

They just invested a little bit of time, we’ll say, and then what happens? It’s still self powered, but I got it. A couple of notions. This is a person that knows everything about everything because they watched the conspiracy video, like they got some information, I know everything I’m going to get there.

They can ride a bike to Florida, but it’s going to take a while. They’re gonna be burned out by the time when I get there, then you get the third person, this is the person who says, you know what. I know that I need to be powered outside of myself. It’s a driver. I need power outside of myself. These are the people who do a little bit of investment.

They invest in the book, they invest in the online course. they may spend some time, reading and researching and do it. They’ll do some work cause they realize I need to get some insight outside of myself and I’ll invest. But what happens is they don’t really get. Live interactions.

So it looks like it’s if they’re driving from California, Florida they’ll make it. Yes. But they get roadblocks, stop signs, detours, carbide breakdown gotta change the tire. They can’t get past the roadblocks sometimes because they just, just them and the book they read in the course they took, which is great, but you need more.

The next person is a person that’s, what’s called a pilot flying. This person invests at a high level. Think about the actual physical investment of time for a license and for a vehicle which in the car and appealing like the car, anybody get a car, right? A plane. That’s a lot, that’s a high investment ton of time.

These are the people that say I’m joining a mastermind group. I’m going to hire a coach. I’m going to get an executive coach. I’m going to get, I’m going to do something that’s outside of me. So I get. Non self power, but also more. And these people, they clear out the roadblocks to get there because now someone’s already passed that.

Like they’re flying above it all. I don’t have to worry about the stop signs where I’m just getting there. Only if I got to deal with some turbulence, which happens, I get a little turbulence of the boy there and then you got the people. And I think that they I’m a pilot. Cause I got a ton of insight and coaching and I’m, I’m always, I have programs.

I paid 35,000 plus a year for, to be part of just to be able to have those insights and stretch me, have to, but then you got the people who were like, all right, I see all you guys going from California to Florida, but I’m an astronaut. I see, what are you guys looking for in Florida? Nothing compared to what I see over here in the UK or Australia, or over here in the, Oh, I don’t know Okinawa.

Right? There’s different things. And so the thing is those starts, those are like your Elon Musk, the rock, Kevin Hart’s, Oprah are different level people. They see the world different cause they have different exposure to something different, again, higher level of investment of time, higher level investment of funds to get yourself up to that level.

And so when people hear this. A lot of people in the beginning and they’re like, I’m a go go person. I’m like, no, you’re not. And then I realized yeah, they are, but they just they’re at a different level of Gogo. So when you, when you can determine where you are at right now, It’ll give you a clear picture of what I got to do to change that.

So if somebody’s listening tothis and saying I’m a dreamer, I’m a doer with dabbler, I’m a goer or whatever it is. if you’re a dreamer, you gotta start tackling opportunity and take it on opposition. Just, you have started doing that kind of stuff. You gotta do more. If you’re a dreamer, you need to get to the sorry, dabble.

You can get to the point where you start tackling opposition. When it comes in, don’t shut down and stay the course. If you’re a defender, Take more shots, dammit, do more. You’ll find there’s more out there. Just take some more shots. If you were go or personal already determine where you’re at, you need to make bigger investments of time and money.

Do you need to stop being self-made like, where do you need to level yourself up? Where are you at now? And once you get that, it’ll give you a clear picture of like, all right, that’s what I got to do. Hmm,

Casanova Brooks:

man. That’s so fun. I feel like I resonate with a couple of those, but here’s the other thing I’ll say is I feel it, this is just me personally, but I feel like there’s always such a negative connotation when it comes to being a dreamer.

And obviously we always have, we have the DreamNation and, but my goal is. To help people evolve from being a dreamer, to being an astronaut and taking action on it. I feel like there’s not a lot of credit to dreamers and

Anthony Trucks:

everything’s not true necessarily. Yeah. if you think of the book, the E-Myth, it’s based on a concept that there’s three tiers as a person’s the envisionary person, the dreamer, there’s the systems person that makes it come to life.

And a technician, most people are dreamers and technician, but they miss out on the systems piece. So they stayed dreaming previous, not a bad thing, but a Doer has a dream, but that whole concept is I’m doing what my dream is. So there’s nothing wrong with it. You’ve got to have the dream it’s necessary.

I got a dream or if I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t get up and do what I do. But at the same time I’m doing it.

Casanova Brooks:

I love it, man, for anyone who wants to stay well first, let me ask you this. There’s somebody out there that’s listening to this right now, and they’re inspired by you. They’re definitely going to figure out how they can learn more from you.

Hopefully be coached by you, but they have that little voice in their head. And that little voice says that they’re not smart enough. They’re not strong enough, or maybe they just don’t have enough resources. What’s that last one thing that you would say to that person to get them to just take action.

Anthony Trucks:

Hey, first off you’re right. You don’t have that right now. And that’s coming. Okay. First off own that. And that’s why the theme is called own your shift. There’s nothing wrong with admitting. I don’t have that, but if you keep lying to yourself and saying, Oh, I got it. I, it’s cool. Or if you just keep accepting this limitation and you sell yourself on it, you’ll get to keep that.

I think J. Hendricks says, if you, if you fight for limitation, you get to keep it right.

You got that? Like it’s part of it. I talked about it, all your words. It means something own own. The fact that you have something it’s gotta be worked on. okay. I have the resources. Cool. I get to work on. I don’t have the strength of confidence. Cool. And they know to work on most people to start working.

I have no idea what they’re working on. So own the fact that you got something to work on your it’s your duty to fix it. It may not be your fault, but your responsibility, Mark Manson talks about this in his book. It’s yeah, these things didn’t happen because you want them foster care. Wasn’t something that I chose.

It. Wasn’t my fault. But I’m the one that’s the fixed. That’s my responsibility. And that’s okay. You can’t keep blaming people all day long, right? If that’s what happened, you’re responsible, then shift shift is a verb. It’s work. You gotta do. You gotta shift perspectives and mindset and what you operate, actions, habits, reactions, and drivers, but shift, and then do the work.

And that’s what all you have to lean into. if there’s, it’s okay to not feel like you’re there right now. Cause if you, if you were over there, you wouldn’t feel like that. And that’s a real feeling, but give yourself some grace and realize that every single person started at the bottom somewhere, they are not special.

They just did special things in a moment, which was, they just worked past that feeling you’re having right now.

Casanova Brooks:

Hmm, man. That’s a word right there for anybody who is listening and can not take action off of that. It’s going to be very hard to give you anything else because that all in itself, I love how you broke it down on your shift.

We’re going to make sure that we put all of the links in the show notes, but for anybody who wants to stay connected with you, where can they find you at,

Anthony Trucks:

best places? just Instagram men at Anthony Trucks, or if you go to Anthony Trucks.com.

Casanova Brooks:

Got it. Cool, man. it’s been a pleasure. My brother, this has been a phenomenal conversation and I’m glad that you’ve given me so much wisdom and so much to go back and work on my own shift with, because I feel like I can identify with being a dabbler as well.

I feel like I had them by with too many of those things, so I got to go back and we

got to hone it in. Yeah, we all go through the state. It’s all right. It’s

normal. Hey, I look forward to it. I know that we’re going to be doing your show, but more importantly, DreamNation, just to remember in the dream we trust, but just as he said, you have to take action.

Otherwise it’ll only merely be a fantasy. We’ll catch you on the next one.





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