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DreamNation 167 – Warren Buffet Lessons: How To Invest Like The Omaha Legend

Warren Buffet Lessons: A lot of us are into instant gratification. We probably love the thrill of having everything we want in a snap. But is it possible to delay gratification just a little and still enjoy it? Also, what can we learn from the ‘marshmallow challenge? In today’s episode, our guest, Warren Buffet, is going to share with you some important tips that have worked for him in the past and possibly work for you as well.

So, stay tuned and grab your pen and notes as we talk about life decisions and how to make the choice that would make us happy.


Here’s what you missed:

  • Why you should love what you do
  • Standing up for what you believe in
  • Money shouldn’t be equal to what we want in life
  • How can I be happier every single day?
  • Don’t give out empty threats

Warren Buffet Lessons: How To Invest Like The Omaha Legend?


{Warren talks about rich people being no different from every single one of us}

{How to help others to level up}

{How to be happy with money}

{Talks about the marshmallow story}

{Why giving empty threats to your children would lead to a bigger issue when they grow up}

{You delay yourself with instant gratification}

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Most of the time when you’re trying to do something, it’s always a framework that you need to have.

Money does not equate to happiness.

Your time and energy is your most valuable asset. It’s not the money that you get.

Why do I get up every single day? And why do I get out of bed and I’m so excited at 88 years old? It is because I love what I do. And I love the people with who I’m doing it with.”


So once you get to the top, you can’t be lonely. And the only way that it won’t be lonely is if you remember that you’ve got to pull those people with you.


Happiness will come no matter where you are, because we all have different dreams, we all have different goals.


Just do something to make somebody else feel special and the money won’t even come into factor.

You got to give yourself some small wins to show yourself that it’s possible.

Happiness at the end of the day is where you are in life in the immediate form.




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