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DreamNation 161 – The Great Pause: Best Of COVID Commentary

COVID has taken a lot of toll on most of us. People are struggling to make ends meet and are living from paycheck to paycheck. Some just don’t know what to do anymore. People are taking paths they think are going to work just to get by during this pandemic. How about you? What are the challenges you have faced? What are the steps you have taken in your life to ensure that you’ll survive, not just for the time being but also for the years to come?
This compilation will help us open our eyes to all the possibilities that are open to us. Most of our guests have been in the same situation that we are in—struggling, looking for ways out, and ultimately succeeding. Let’s take a look at these podcast episodes once more and do ourselves some favor. Sit back and put your mind at ease as you take down notes on how to face life head-on.

Here’s what you missed:
 Knowing your kind of grind
 Know the importance of discipline
 How to respond to what’s happening around us
 Avoid the mindset of passing over opportunities

Best Of COVID Commentary The Great Pause: DreamNation- 161



(1:27) Casanova talks about credibility
(2:43) Discipline is greater than talent
(4:28) What a poor mindset is.

(2:15) It is getting up every day, doing what you said you were going to do when you just don’t feel like it.
(2:43) The discipline will get you there. And ultimately the discipline will keep you there. Talent can get you there, but without discipline, you will never stay.
(3:02) I don’t need to be the greatest, but I need to be a little bit better than where I was yesterday.
(5:26) It was only a dream, but you chose to take action. That time could be today if you choose to take action.

Jason Van Orden
(7:15) Knowing your interests and working on them.
(8:36) Navigating without the feeling of being an impostor.


(9:19) Follow that curiosity, build, and be willing to experiment.

Ryan Bullock
 Tips on how to make your own vision
 Don’t let the day lead you anywhere; work on it
 Maximize your day and lead it
 Importance of having plans
(10:01) Know the number one thing. And something that you have to do constantly writes a vision. You have to have a vision, but you also need to write a vision and you need to write it as detailed as you can possibly get it to be.
(10:21) Start with the end in mind.
(11:14) The best way to maximize today is by declaring my tomorrow. By saying, ‘I know where I’m going. Let me maximize what I’m doing on this day because I know where I’m headed.’
(12:04) When you have a plan, you are more prepared for change and for shifts to happen quickly.
(12:18) If you don’t take time to build your own legacy, you will spend the rest of your life building someone else’s.

Jason Swenk
(13:27) Why you should start your own agency
(13:56) Talks about digital marketing
(14:31) Shares the timelines of the different situations in marketing
(15:38) What is a digital agency?

Tim Storey
 Why you should find the right partners


(17:02) So there are three main reasons or three main ways that one learns. One is observation. The second is through conversation. The third is education.
(19:51) Number one you got to become awake. Number two you become aware because you could be awakened but not aware. And then thirdly you got to take inventory.
(21:07) Social media is good, but social media is also silly.
(21:45) Be careful who you follow because if the blind leads the blind, you’re both going into the pit.

Jeff Goins
 What a baseline is and how to change it
 Knowing the stories that you want to tell

(22: 26) The story of your life is not your life. It’s just a story.
(25:28) Whatever story you tell about your life ends up becoming true.
(26:23) You’ve got to tell yourself a new story.

His and Her Money
 Should I start blogging?
 Importance of investing in an online presence
 Why we should communicate to our target audiences

(27:30) The main important thing is to have an online presence.
(28:09) The world’s not going to get less digital like we’re only going to become more digitized as a society.
(29:36) If your goal is to help somebody through the service, the product that you offer, it is your duty to bring it to them in a way that they can receive it. Because communication is a two-way street.

Kumiko Love
 How to face your struggles
 She tells us her regrets and the things that she wanted to change in the past

(32:57) When you start doing something only for the income, you lose your value because your mission is no longer with what it started with. Your mission is now making an income.
(34:56) You only fail when you give up.
(35:40) One of the things that I regret is all the moments in time I gave up with my son that I will never ever get back.

Dr. Dennis Kimbro
 Shares with us the pandemics he had experienced in the past
 Thanking God for creating us

(38:33) Work out your own salvation.
(39:50) Any problem can be solved if only enough people care.
(42:48) We need to get on our knees every day and thank God we’re created in his image.

Brent Manswar
 Making the greatest pivot in his life
 Developing showmanship

(47:51) There are a bunch of people who are good at presenting information, but they do not know how to own a room. They don’t know how to own a stage.
(49:09) You’ve got to own your content. You’ve got to be an expert in your content.

Raj Jana
 Talks about his biggest struggle
 Each step is essential to be who you are today
(50:37) No matter how fast you want to get to the pendulum or to the promised land, you can’t skip steps in life.
(51:58) If you love who you are today, and if you’re proud of the person you are today, there’s nothing you could have done differently.
(53:20) You’re now living in a moment of truth and a moment of expansion. And when we stay present to that experience, I think life just gets really, really, really colorful.

Chalene Johnson
 She shares to us how they reversed engineer their situation when COVID came around
 Steps on how people can start generating their own income
 How to take advantage of social media
(53:58) Nobody expects you to be superhuman.
(56:24) I think many people are intimidated by the thought of being a business owner or an entrepreneur.
(58:01) You can’t call yourself a business owner if you don’t own any of the means by which to contact your customers.




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