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DreamNation 153 – Ashley Ann: How To Dominate Social Media Monetization

With the economic recession, we are experiencing in this pandemic year, several people and factors might be discouraging you from launching your small business. Perhaps you can’t figure out how to do with all the information available around you, troubled with the different paths and choices to make. Or you might even have persons or negative thoughts killing the itch of your entrepreneurship. Get inspired, and learn how to say no to that voices in your head by listening to the story of our tonight’s guest – Ashley Ann. Let’s talk about her background, her experiences, and the factors involved in her business success that will motivate us to not sleep on our dreams and bring them to fruition.


Ashley grew as a country and family girl; she’s learned at an early age. Since it was a simple life like literally, the place where she grew up had no side walks nor street lights. She learned to work hard, but even with humble beginnings none feels struggling. The culture of southern-hospitality which is ingrained in her made her a giving person, trying her best in everything she can to help people. She experienced different economic levels; she even had to go sell Avon on her high-school and at times go with her grandma to the farmer’s market and get stuff set up to sell!


She may have an inert gift of making money at an early age, but admits that even though she’s not the smartest nor fastest- her resilience, endurance, and consistency made her successful – she even made a million dollars in her very first company! Today she’s been offering a lot of free courses and training, as well as programs to help small and big entrepreneurs alike to be successful too. In this podcast, Ashley shared her life-background, education, work experience as well as the persons and life-turning decisions involved that made her successful today – in hopes that you, our dear tribe, will also overcome the negative thoughts that’s keeps her you from bringing out your dreams into fruition. So, sit back, dig in, and take notes as Ashley blesses us with her wisdom.

Here’s What You Missed

  • Different economic levels, factors shaping one’s resiliency and endurance
  • How education, mentors, and work experiences light one’s pathway
  • Being centered on God and the Bible, in decision-making
  • How to really listen to clients
  • Exposing oneself to different types of people who are masters
  • Being selective on types of people to get advice or learn from is crucial
  • Learn to stay strong and say no to negative thoughts and persons

Ashley Ann: How To Dominate Social Media Monetization?



Knowledge Nuggets

[3:53] I may not be the smartest, nor the fastest. But you’re not going to outwork me. I’m the most consistent, have the most endurance. When everyone else will fall away, I will still be there.

[4:08] Consistency and Resiliency is the formula for success.

[8:08] A professor noticed that She’s really good at taking high level information and breaking it down so that people can consume it, and making them want whatever it is that she’s talking about

[11:17] we’re just here to inform, and I’m going to put down something, and if somebody wants to pick it up, “Cool! – then that’s the sum total.

[11:54] Listen to clients, figure out how you can help them and educate them on their options to solve their problem or get to the designs.

[12:58] If the deal fell apart, go and look back at them and pay attention to your interactions. Honestly ask yourself were you really listening to your client, or were you just trying to force information about your product and all the cool features and service involved, pressuring them to buy right now because its note going to be here forever.

[14:50] Think of yourself as the guide. You’re not the hero, you’re the guide.

[16:26] Passion does not pay your bills. We want to get to a place where we’re doing that’s that maybe we like to do or we’re passionate about them, but the overall thing is: are you in your purpose?

[18:06] If you have somethings that’s generating profit for you right now, and it can fund your dream or fund your ultimate goal, be resourceful with your resources, use that to your advantage.

[19:19] Have done things that might not be our passion, but it’s a path that created profits for us. Eventually shows a pathway for us to get to our ultimate goal.

[20:22] If you’re split in all those different directions, you can’t really focus on anything, and develop it the way it needs to be developed.

[21:02] Make a list, start figuring out what type of resources does it take to get to this particular vision off the ground.

[21:14] Know what is the demand in the current market?

[22:01] You have to look at the resources is going to take the timing for a certain idea. I.e. whats going on in the world? what people want? Sail by listening: what do people really really want, what they really need.  See which of those ideas you have line up with theirs, start to look and set what you have right now: how much of this is already in you? What do you need to learn or develop?

[22:43] Pick the one that gives you the most favourable results.

[29:18] Being staying connected and centered to God and the bible, made her able to listen and make the right decisions.

[29:37] Intuition, and staying developed on it. Being around with people that master something, and keep seeing what to learn from them; figuring out their systems and how to integrate it into own life.

[31:23] “there has to be some type of balance…”

[31:26] Being around with people who already have lived in dents, being able to overcome hurdles, and experienced things that I may be facing, and being able to go to them for advice – especially the elders.

[33:20] “Maybe someone is really really good at relations, but can be trash in their business – some can be trashed at maintaining personal relationships: like their business is doing great, but everyone in their life hates them”

[36:53] “…anytime that I have got the biggest weapons, the biggest challenges have to pay the biggest prices in my life and business” – not going by own’s intuition or instincts, allowing others to convince you to take certain decisions or actions

[40:36] There are several unqualified people rolling around, disqualifying us on a regular basis

[40:53] Look at the life that you want to live, and get a clear vision of it. Don’t take advice from people who can’t even properly advise you. Look for those people that are where you aspire to be, learn from their behaviours, actions, what they study and pay attention to what they read.

[41:45] Learn how to speak against the negative stuff that you speak on yourself. You’re not going to make progress if you are super negative on yourself, or don’t have any belief in your own dreams and visions

[42:14] There’s nothing wrong with critique; but there is something wrong with condemnation, criticism

[43:58] “You look towards people who are where you aspire to be; you gotta be strong enough to say no people disqualifying you or suppressing your dreams.”


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