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DNRE93 – Casanova on the Chris Harder Podcast: The Extraordinary Tale of Turning Adversity into Success

In this episode from the series of Casanova’s appearance as a guest on other podcasts, Casanova and host Chris Harder talk about his inspirational journey of overcoming setbacks and losses in his life, to an award-winning real estate agent, investor, speaker, and CEO. He shares the mindset that helped him achieve these incredible feats. 

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  •         Introduction
  •         Where Did He Grow Up, and Where Does He Live Now?
  •         What Would He Call His Superpower?
  •         One of His Favorite Books
  •         What Does He Consider One of His All-Time Favorite Accomplishments?
  •         What Does He Feel Challenged by Right Now?
  •         Something He Has Done That is Generous?
  •         What Does He Feel Grateful for Today?
  •         How He Ended Up Losing His Mother, His Job and His House?
  •         How Was He Able to Land 46 Deals in His First Year?
  •         How Was He Able to Save Himself from Imposter Syndrome?
  •         Where Does the Positivity in His Personality Come from?  
  •         Does He Feel Racial Resistance as an Entrepreneur or a Real Estate Agent?
  •         How Does He Teach His Kids About What is Going on in the Country?
  •         How Do We Better Support Black Entrepreneurs?
  •         How Does He Want His Kids to Grow Up Viewing Success?
  •         The Non-Profit He Is Most Excited About?





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