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DNP 256: What is the Drip Network

In This Episode You’ll Learn:In this episode, Casanova talks about how he became involved in the Drip Network, what it is and how it works, the difference between Bearish and Bullish market, what makes the Drip Network sustainable, the Drip Network Reservoir, how do you make money through referrals, how much does he stand to earn, how this is an excellent passive income opportunity, and much more. Have a listen.

Here’s a snapshot of a few things He talked about…·         Introduction

·         What exactly is Drip Network? [04:28]

·         What is Recompounding in Drip Network? [07:05]

·         What Does Drip look like? [10:40]

·         How is Drip Network Sustainable? [14:39]

·         What is the Reservoir in Drip Network? [15:52]

·         How Do You Make Money Through Referrals? [16:27]

Key Quotes:·         “I come from the background of real estate investing. So I know that again, you gotta be willing to take risks and you gotta be willing to do what other people won’t do. Even if it doesn’t look very sexy…”

·         “If you put in a thousand dollars, you are going to get 1% daily on your money. So, a thousand dollars, 1% of that is $10…”

·         “Albert Einstein says the eighth wonder of the world is compound interest. So, understand if you keep compounding the more that this is going to grow…”

·         “When people say I’m very bullish on it, or this is a bull market, think of a bull, they got their head already down, but then they’re coming up with their own. So, they’re thinking that it’s going to go up, whereas a bear markets thinking things are going to go down…”

·         For every person that comes on board, you get 10% of their initial deposit, and then it works as a Round Robin System.

·         The reason why this protocol is so powerful, and why it was genius to make is because of the compound interest, but also because of the taxes and it, and because of the community around it.

·         Delayed gratification is going to get you somewhere that that microwave mentality never would.

Links/Resources:·          https://drip.community/

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