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DN254 – Adam Markel: Leverage Uncertainty & Embrace the Change to Build Long-Term Resilience

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  •         Introduction [00:00:00]
  •         Who is the Clark Kent, When it Comes to Adam Markel? [00:03:09]
  •         Was He Always Unhappy with His Job but Chose to Ignore the Thoughts? [00:09:16]
  •         The Tragic Event He Witnessed As A Lifeguard at Jones Beach, New York [00:13:15]
  •         How To Adopt A Different Philosophy Around How We Look At Change? [00:17:43]
  •         His Advice on How to Embrace any Change in your Life [00:22:06]
  •         How One Should Deal With Loss and Suffering in the Current Scenario? [00:26:00]
  •         One Thing He Wishes He Had Implemented Sooner to Accelerate His Journey? [00:35:30]
  •         Where to Find Adam Markel [00:37:35]

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova talks with Adam Markel. He talks about how we create identities for ourselves that can be changed, the importance of rules in his life, how he became aware of his unhappiness at work, why you need to practice every day, how to see the change in your life, how to leverage uncertainty and embrace the change to build long-term resilience, the importance of recovery, being the master of your own mind, and much more. Have a listen.

Key Quotes:

  •         “A big part of why we are the way we are is because of our identity, the identity that we have created for ourselves…”
  •         I’m a pragmatic, practical person. I just, I know the things that work and when I’ve discovered something that is a rule of thumb that works, then when I deviate from what I know works. I receive pain. I get suffering in exchange for breaking the rules.
  •         You imagine anything that you could be great at, masterful at whether it’s putting a basketball through a hoop the way Michael Jordan did it and supposedly made a thousand shots a day, whether that’s the exact number or not, it’s not the point you commit to mastery of something like that, it involves tremendous amounts of practice and performance…”
  •         “You want to have a great body, you want to have great relationship, you want to have great relationships with kids, you want to have great money, relationship with money, et cetera, it’s going to take practice, it’s going to take vigilance…”
  •         “I ended up in the hospital having a panic attack brought on by that anxiety. I think there’s a lot of people are on the verge of that on the verge of just feeling either burned out or needing to take a trip to the emergency room because they can’t handle the uncertainty…”
  •         “I was 19 years and working as a lifeguard at Jones beach, New York, this first Summer I’m working there, we lost somebody in the surf, they went down, we went searching for him, for well over an hour, closed the beach, searched, couldn’t find him and it went from search and rescue to search and recovery and I got first firsthand look at grief and loss and mourning and just pain…”
  •         “Change for people is very much that same feeling like you’re being, something is taking you and it’s out of your control and you’re being sucked by it, you have no choice…”
  •         “Everything in the future, the future I should say will teach us in the present that everything happening right now is net growth. It is net positive for us, for our businesses, for the world…”
  •         “We’re constantly in a fight or flight mode, daily the level of anxiety low-level anxiety, I think is even more dangerous today than high anxiety because it’s perpetual…”
  •         “When we run out of energy, we’re more likely to lie and cheat, make poor decisions because we’re out of gas, but when we’re filled up, when our energy reserves, at maximum capacity, there’s almost nothing that we’re not capable of dealing with handling and even succeeding at. So, the goal is to be able to refill our energetic tank and then ultimately any change that happens, we’re agnostic to it…”
  •         “Resilience is not about endurance. It’s about recovery, that’s the key…”
  •         “Business disruptions are opportunities in disguise…”
  •         “You want to remove hate from the world, stop being a hateful person…”
  •         “You don’t like the anger that we’re hearing all everywhere, stop being such an angry person…”
  •         “You don’t like the way people are judged unfairly, stop judging people unfairly…”
  •         “To me, the greatest responsibility that we can take in the moment from this perspective and the body of work that is, this book is to be resilient mentally, emotionally, physically in spiritually, and if you work on being resilient in that way, you’re going to show up able to help other people…”
  •         “What are you baking into your day to create that interval training for yourself physically and even spiritually, so that you’re ready for anything…”
  •         “It would be that I would have recognized that the master of my fate is always my mind. I didn’t realize that till I was in my forties, then my mind, nobody can take that from any of us…”


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