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DN240 Eleanor Beaton: How to Overcome the “Not Enough” Mindset


Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  •         Introduction
  •         Who is the Lois Lane, When It Comes to Eleanor Beaton? [00:01:44]
  •         What was the Turning Point in Her Life that Changed Her Mindset [00:05:04]
  •         What Empowered Her to Believe in Her Vision? [00:09:51]
  •         What was Her Epiphany Moment that Made Her Go All in? [00:15:07]
  •         How She was Able to Overcome and Avoid Burnout? [00:19:23]
  •         Where Does She Turn For Inspiration When Things Aren’t Working Out? [00:31:48]
  •         One Thing She Wishes She Had Implemented Sooner to Accelerate Her Journey? [00:45:06]
  •         Where to Find Eleanor Beaton [00:50:50]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova talks with Eleanor Beaton. She talks about how she was inspired by her mom early on in her life to be financially secure and independent, have control over life, her vision to help other women develop sustainable business, how starting her podast helped her business, the sufficency mindset, and much more. Have a listen.

Key Quotes:

  •         “[Mom] said, Eleanor, always make your own money. Money is power, always make sure that you have power over your own life…”
  •         “For me, Lois Lane was a young impressionable woman who was inspired by her mother’s frustration to create a life for myself, but then also ensure that other women were not in my mom’s situation…”
  •         “My vision is that for women, look I’m out there, we’re on a mission to double the number of female founders who sustainably scaled past a million dollars in annual revenue by 2030…”
  •         “The missing piece for me was to really trust my connection to that inner wisdom…”
  •         “Clarity of vision is about learning to tell the difference between inspired action that you know is right for you versus FOMO…”
  •         “Most of us are trapped in this scarcity mindset and the rules of scarcity are this more is always better… The opposite of scarcity is sufficiency…”
  •         “Every guidance counselor in North America needs to hear this because I think that’s the most important skill in the modern world is identifying something that you love and figuring out what ecosystem is this a part of and how can I creatively insert myself into that space…”
  •         “I wish that I’d understood what wholeness means. It’s about bringing all the aspects of you to the table …”



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