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DN236 – Amira Alvarez: How to Become UNSTOPPABLE  and Achieve Your Goals


Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  •         Introduction
  •         Who is the Lois Lane, When It Comes to Amira Alvarez? [00:01:55]
  •         Is She an Introvert or An Extrovert Behind the Scenes? [00:05:02]
  •         What Was the Turning Point in Her Journey That Changed Her Mindset? [00:07:01]
  •         Strategies That Helped Her Change Her Self-Image and Increase Her Income Five-Folds [00:14:08]
  •         What Were Her First Steps When She Decided that She Wanted to Learn [00:19:00]
  •         Her Formula for Achieving Goals Faster [00:24:49]
  •         How Her Strategies Helped People Achieve Better Results [00:28:00]
  •         One Thing She Wishes She Had Implemented Sooner to Accelerate Her Journey? [00:30:03]
  •         Where to Find Amira Alvarez [00:33:10]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova talks with Amira Alvarez. She talks about how she broke free from what was holding her back from success. How she was able to identify and overcome the barriers that were stopping her from achieving her dreams and full potential in life.

Key Quotes:

  •         “Everyone has their own version of challenge, and I think that in some ways when you have a long way to go, you’re fighting for it…”
  •         “I didn’t know who I was in this world, I was just a reflection of the conditioning, the upbringing, what other people told me was the right way to be in this world, and I just kept playing that out, but I wasn’t getting to that level of greatness that I knew I was made for…”
  •         “I did a lot of study on my own, but I also went to seminars, and I also learned from the best, and I like had wake up moment after wake-up moment after wake-up moment, and I realized fundamentally, it comes down to your self-image who you think you are and what standard you hold yourself to based on that…”
  •         “I had to change my self-image to be someone who was worthy of receiving at that higher level…:
  •         “When I say study there’s, you got to sacrifice something… Lot of sacrifice, right? Like you have to give up something of a lower nature to let something of a higher nature in…”
  •         “First you have to claim your goals. This is such, this is the Goals 101, but 90% of the world doesn’t do this, which is get frigging clear about what you want, and own it…”
  •         “Learning that if you make a quick decision and it’s a mistake, you’re not doomed and you’re not wrong. That it’s just feedback. It’s just a result…”


  •         Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  •         unstoppablewoman.com/freestuff
  •         Working With the Law by Raymond Holliwell
  •         The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles


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