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DN225 – Throwback – David Shands: The Path to Serial Entrepreneurship

  •         Introduction [00:00:00]
  •         Who is the Clark Kent, When It Comes to David? [00:02:55]
  •         What’s His Circle Looked Like When He Became an Entrepreneur? [00:05:59]
  •         What was His Mindset and What Helped Him Transition? [00:08:18]
  •         How He Transitioned from Network Marketing to a T-Shirt Business? [00:12:43]
  •         How Did He Learn to Build and Scale a Real Business? [00:14:19]
  •         What He Learned from Running a T-shirt Business? [00:18:12]
  •         Three Actionable Tips to Double Your Income [00:21:48]
  •         How to Change Your Circle? [00:24:10]
  •         How to Build Teams and Collaborate with Others [00:26:13]
  •         How He Overcame the Challenges that He Faced Over the Last Year [00:29:21]
  •         What Motivated Him to Start Real Social Proof Conference [00:32:22]
  •         What’s Next for Him After This Conference [00:35:28]
  •         His Advice for People Looking to Take Action [00:37:50]


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this throwback episode, Casanova and David talk about his entrepreneurial journey, the story behind The Real Social Proof Brand and Conference.

David says that he always had aspirations of being an entrepreneur. A belief that was further strengthened by his experiences of working different jobs. He was a good rapper, and thought he would have a career in rap, but things changed once he joined some network marketing companies.

He built a clothing brand, called ‘Sleep Is for Suckers’, geared towards entrepreneurship and people that lose sleep doing what they love. He was able to build that and replace his income and became a full-time t-shirt salesman. Then, he ran around the country, teaching people how to do the same.

David adds that the company you keep can have a significant impact on you. Network marketing was also his introduction to reading books and being consistent because they had this concept called the 10 Core Commitments, teaching the principles of consistency. This is where he got introduced to Jim Rohn as well.

He says that Jim’s way of taking big complex concepts, and complex subjects and breaking them down into bite size morsels changed his life. David says that once you start moving in the right direction, people that are going the wrong direction, they won’t try to necessarily take you off path if they know you’re going there with, or without them, they’ll either try to join you or at least let you run your own path, if they’re your friends.

Talking about his t-shirt business, he says that he sold over a million dollars worth of t-shirts outside of a kiosk. After he had his store and other kiosk taken away, he realized that he could still make six figures out of a mall, but if he is to scale up, he needs his time and he can’t spend all day in the mall or dealing with employees.

He says that if you’ve never been in a fight, you don’t really want to lose the fight, you’ll just avoid it. But if you’ve been in a fight and you lost one, you are less fearful to fight again. He doesn’t care if he might lose, he’ll jump into that joint.

Talking about his speaking gigs, he says that he can help someone who’s making $30, $40,000 a year how to replace that income and reach six figures, for sure. He can teach them how to take an idea and create that side income extra thousand dollars a month, only because that’s what he has accomplished.

David says that for the speakers he coaches, his first step is not to teach them how to be a motivational speaker, or how to get gigs. His first encouragement is for them to build something and talk about how they built it.

David also shared some actionable tips as well. He says that come up with a good idea, not just follow your passion. Find a group of people who are all moving in the same direction because you can become successful by association. He believes if you’re just in the right environment, your mindset starts to change.

He adds that you can join a network marketing company because there’s a whole positive environment, they are in great luck, everybody has a coaching program. David also has a coaching program where they are on the call every single morning, Monday through Friday.

Talking about having a team, David said that he just became somebody that people wouldn’t mind following. So everybody on his team were attracted to him because he wasn’t spending time looking for a team.

David says that the idea behind his Real Social Proof Conference was to offer people two days of both industry specific information as well as general business practices that everybody needs to know. His Sleepless Knights coaching program is also a phenomenal group of entrepreneurs.

He adds that if you feel like you’re not strong or good enough, you really need to write down what your weaknesses are, so you can see them on paper and just attack one of them. . There’s an example of someone who is in your situation or worse, that became really successful. Just find those stories.

Key Quotes:

  •         “I’ve been trying to be an entrepreneur since I was a child, before I knew what entrepreneurship was …”
  •         “I just went on this journey of hopping from here to there, trying to figure out how to make some money…”
  •         “The people that you’re around typically shape the way you think…”
  •         “10 pages meaning we have a number. There’s a goal. It’s not just read a book. It’s like 10 pages. It creates consistency…”
  •         “Once I get good at selling shirts to people, I got money coming in with that money. I’m like, crap. If I did it with one space, I can do it with another one. Let’s try it…”
  •         “If I really want to ride a bike and there’s nobody there to guide me. I’m a jump on that joint. I’m just not afraid to fall…”
  •         “I’m able to help other people quit their job. And that’s what I speak on. Not because I feel like I’m an articulate teacher, but because I did it already…”
  •         “My first success was, how do I make six figures? How can I be a full-time entrepreneur? And I hit that…”
  •         “So, my first thing as a speaker, go build…”
  •         “What you like to do, make it a hobby, what the world likes to do, make it a business…”
  •         “If I told you to follow your feelings, that’d be bad advice in business…”
  •         “I was spending time building something and it was people that saw it, that looked at what I was building like, yo, that’s pretty dope. Do you need help?”
  •         “Add some value because if you join, I’m not inviting people to my team just to serve. You’ve got to have some sort of value…”
  •         “So, if somebody shot a hundred free throws and only made one, I guarantee that if they shot a hundred more, they’ll make at least two…”


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