How Everyday People Are Creating Time, Location, And Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

...Even If They Have Little Or No Experience


Dear DreamBuilder,

If you’d like to create a successful and sustainable, cash flow producing real estate business that can scale with no limits, regardless of where you’re currently at in life and EVEN if you have no prior experience, this is the most important message you’ll read today.

But first, HERE’S A STORY…

I was raised by a single mom and my grandma led the way to be my father.

I grew up in poverty-stricken neighborhoods, and was exposed to the fast life at a young age.

You know, everything from gambling, gangs, guns, and selling drugs. At the age of 8, I lost my two best friends in a swimming accident (where I was supposed to be at). At 15 years old, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Doctors said that if I wasn’t examined on time, I could’ve easily just died.

Why am I sharing this?

Because these were the things that held my mindset back for a long long time…

Life experiences that made me build a wall full of LIMITING BELIEFS…

Beliefs that almost destroyed whatever success I’m enjoying right now.

“Finish school with a good degree to be successful and get a job.”

“Get a job, work hard, and save your money.”

“Always live below your means so you can have money for your retirement.”

Look, you probably have grown up hearing all about these too, I know I did…

And I don’t blame you for taking that path (or our folks for teaching it to us).

Because our lives have always been designed by society to follow this path:


And the sad reality is…

If we’re prisoners of employment, we will never be financially free.

We’ll always trade time for money.

We’ll continue to work on Monday – Friday only to look forward to the weekend (if we still have any).

We’ll juggle 2-3 jobs, 8-12 hours a day being in environments which always suck the life out of us.

We’ll work for other people and make them rich while we end up stuck in debt and still trying to pay off different things until we get old.

And this is exactly where I was before.

And if there’s something that triggered my desire to break the corporate chain, it is this quote from Warren Buffet:

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will need a job until you die.”

And he is right.

24 hours in a day. That’s all we get.

Not one person on this earth has more time than that no matter their age, occupation, religion, color of their skin or where they live. 


And while there’s nothing wrong with trading our time for money if you love what you’re doing…

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself…

What if there is a better alternative?

Well guess what…




A premium collection of Real Estate Investing courses designed to jumpstart your quest towards time, location, and financial freedom through real estate even if you’re a complete beginner.


1. The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint (valued at $997)

Hugely popular! Get LIFETIME access to this flagship program designed strategically to help you create cash flow producing assets that will get you on your way towards creating passive income and long-term wealth.

This course talks about finding, buying, and funding your 1st (or next) Real Estate Deal and how you can profit from it both while you sleep and while you’re awake.

REI Blueprint Course

Everything from:

2. Cash Buyers Crash Course
(valued at $197)

In this quick and actionable training, I’ll walk you through the tried and tested strategies I personally use to find Cash Buyers at little to no cost with the help of these platforms:



3. Real Estate Agent Intro Program (valued at $497)

Before becoming real estate investors, some people start as being real estate agents first.

So if you’re someone who’s wanting to start a career as an agent whether part time or full time, this is your ultimate beginner’s guide to building a successful career (and business) as a Real Estate Agent.

It covers the following topics:

4. The Super Agent Package (valued at $297)

This package perfectly complements the Real Estate Agent Intro Course above.

Inside are done-for-you templates and scripts that will save you COUNTLESS hours of documentation and help you close more deals faster than a japanese bullet train.
Super Agent Bundle

It covers the following topics:

5. Mindset Mastery (valued at $197)

Why is it that some people seem to shine in any sphere in which they choose to exert themselves, and others cannot manage even a glimmer despite obvious talent?

Well, research shows that it’s the way that they think about their ability that really counts.

Yes, hard work, effort, and persistence are all important, but not as important as having that underlying belief that you are in control of your own destiny.

Mindset Shift Course

And that’s where mindset comes in.

So in this training, we’ll talk about how powerful it is to maintain a growth mindset so you can break your limits and constantly achieve breakthroughs you never thought were possible.

6. How to Effectively Use Social Media for Real Estate (valued at $197)

Marketing is a major component of selling any product. And while all businesses can benefit from a strong online presence, when it comes to real estate, the value of social media can’t be understated.

So whether you’re looking at buying, selling or on the search for a rental property, this training will talk about why social media in real estate is so powerful, and how to use it to your advantage.

7. FREE Access to the Private REI Accelerator Community

Get ongoing learning and support meant to transform your real estate business to greater heights!
With an online mentoring community of like-minded real estate investors, this is an innovative and effective way to share your wins, ask help for your challenges, and get your real estate questions answered FAST

Total Value at $2382 – NOW JUST $297 (87% OFF!)


7 Exclusive BONUSES for FREE!

Total Value at $2382 – NOW JUST $297 (87% OFF!)




If you’re an employee, you know exactly how it feels to work so many hours only to receive half a check.

* You work 2-3 jobs, 8-12 hours per day and when you finally get home, you’re too tired to do anything besides sit on the couch and  ruminate about how you have to do it all again tomorrow.

* You long for more quality time with your family, friends, and yourself, but requests for a couple days off constantly gets denied.

* You’re stuck in debt and paying off different things, so you convince yourself that working until retirement is the only option.


I’ve been there.

And the reason why most people can’t seem to stop living from paycheck to paycheck isn’t because they don’t have what it takes.


They just don’t know how to go about it – at least not yet.

And that’s where the REI FREEDOM BUNDLE can help.

The REI FREEDOM BUNDLE is the only premium collection of Real Estate courses designed to promote IMMEDIATE knowledge translation and take you closer to achieving time, location, and financial freedom most people only dream about.


An award-winning real estate agent, investor, speaker, and coach who’s on a mission of helping people create time, location, and financial freedom with Real Estate Investing.

Through Real Estate Investing, I was able to retire at age 30, and now earn 6-Figures with my Real Estate Business.

And as a coach, I was able to help my students achieve results left and right.

Everything from:

* Earning $1000/month on FIRST property with no prior experience
* Creating $27,000 in equity on first property and leveraging the equity to create an additional $47,000 through flipping the first deal!
* Generating $75,000 in equity within the first 3 years off ONE property alone
* Buying their very first property using OTHER PEOPLE’s Money to create $33,000 in equity on FIRST Deal
* Building generational wealth and legacy by investing in cash flow producing assets

And much much more!


So if you’re looking to generate passive income that can help you…

* Be your own boss and start working for your last name instead of someone else’s
* Spend more time with family and loved ones without conditions and restraints
* Create a second stream of income so that a job becomes an “option” and not a necessity
* Retire early so you can do more, be more, and live life by design and not by default
* Create a better life for yourself and those around you

The REI FREEDOM BUNDLE is one good investment at a NO-BRAINER price!


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