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Best 5 Real Estate Podcasts You Should Check Out

Not sure which real estate podcast to tune into for powerful information on the industry? We feel you! So instead of you having to go through all real estate podcasts out there one by one, we decided to help you out by sharing with you 5 real estate podcasts that we absolutely love!

ANDREW LANOIEPodcast #1: The Impatient Investor


Why take the long path to success when you could take a shorter route? In this podcast hosted by Andrew Lanoie, you’ll figure out how you can get on the fast track to financial success by learning how to do real estate the right way. Don’t miss out on new episodes that premiere each week!


About the Host:

Andrew Lanoie brings 10 years of real estate experience into the podcast as the founder and managing member of Four Peaks Capital Partners, where he oversees the company’s acquisitions, asset management, and investor relations.

Favorite Episode: Generating and Preserving Wealth

One of our top favorites is his episode on how you can generate and preserve wealth successfully through commercial real estate. Tune in to this episode to learn about sound investment strategies that you can implement to generate a stable stream of passive income that you can pass on to your children as well!

CASANOVA BROOKS#2: DreamNation Real Estate Podcast


ANYONE (yes, you’ve read that right) can be a real estate entrepreneur. So if you think the industry is simply for those who have a huge stash of cash in their bank accounts, then you have got to listen to this podcast. Hosted by real estate entrepreneur Casanova Brooks, the DreamNation Real Estate podcast talks about how you can live out the life you deserve no matter who you are or where you come from, simply by learning how to excel in the real estate field. New episodes premiere twice a week so make sure you don’t miss any!
About the Host:

Casanova Brooks is an award-winning author and self-made real estate guru. Having experienced how it is like to lose a job, a home, and even a mom in just a single year, Casanova knows how to get back on track when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. In his first year as a real estate agent, he was able to lock in 46 real estate deals. The rest is history.

Favorite Episode: How to Win in Your First Year in Real Estate

This is by far our favorite episode in his podcast. In this segment, Casanova talks about tried and true tips that will help you win in your first year in real estate. Never mind that you don’t have much experience yet! Business is all about knowing how to be authentic, and this episode will teach you how to do just that as a real estate agent so you can start winning big time.

REAL ESTATE#3: Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing


Want access to the minds of some of the world’s best real estate investors, syndicators, lenders, property managers, and advisors? In this Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing podcast hosted by Rod Khleif, you’ll hear stories, tips, and advice from these experts so you could successfully build a fortune through real estate investing.

About the Host:

Born in a poor family of immigrants, Rob Khleif knows how it’s like to start from scratch. But following his mother’s footsteps (who was able to buy a property just from her earnings as a babysitter) has made him into the real estate tycoon he is now. With roughly twenty years of experience in the industry, Rob has already amassed a 50-million dollar fortune in real estate and still counting.

Favorite Podcast: The Power of Optimism – Own Your Power Success Tip

If there is one crucial factor for success, it would be optimism. In this podcast, you will learn how you can maintain an optimistic outlook despite bleak circumstances, and how the quality of your life depends on how you react to your experiences.

BIGGER POCKETS#4: BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast


Think of how awesome it would be to have successful real estate investors in your circle of friends! And this is precisely what you’ll get once you tune in to the BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast. Hosted by Brandon Turner, David Greene, and Joshua Dorkin, this real estate podcast provides you with all the solid tips you need from certified experts in the industry. Don’t forget to tune in to the podcast each week for the latest episodes!
About the Hosts:
Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor who has been in the real estate business since 2007. He has written six real estate books and has won awards for several of them

David Greene is a police officer turned real estate investor with more than nine years of experience investing in various real estate properties. He is a nationally recognized authority on real estate and has already been featured on CNN, Forbes, and HGTV.

Joshua Dorkin is a serial entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, publisher, educator, and co-author of the book How to Invest in Real Estate. Through this podcast, Joshua hopes to reach over 70 million people to help them attain financial freedom through real estate investing.

Favorite Episode: 7 Paths to Financial Independence

If you’re interested in learning how to achieve financial independence, then this is the right episode for you. In this segment of the BiggerPockets Podcast, Brandon and David dive deep into 7 powerful strategies that you can take to build a real estate business that will help you get on the road to financial freedom. This is an episode you definitely should not miss!

RADIO SHOW#5: Rich Dad Radio Show


Interested in real talk? Then this guy right here is the one you should listen to. Featuring episodes that challenge mainstream money beliefs and business practices, the Rich Dad Radio Show hosted by Robert Kiyosaki is the ultimate podcast for those who are looking for a fresh business perspective.



About the Host:

Robert Kiyosaki is one of the greatest visionaries of our time and author of the world-renowned book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. His message challenges mainstream approaches towards business, making him even more popular with individuals looking for unconventional but solid financial advice.

Favorite Episode: Why You Should Plan to Retire Young, Retire Rich

Want to figure out how to retire young? Then listen to this segment! In this episode, Robert Kiyosaki walks us through all the steps you need to take if you want to succeed in business and in life. Plus, you’ll get to know the secrets of how to retire rich without burning yourself out in the process! Definitely worth checking out.




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